Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I hate cell phones!

cell jammer

Cell phone jamming!!!

Where can I get one of these jammers?

I’ll tell you where I’d work the stores in a checkout line....get rid of the cells I don’t want to listen too....and...walking dogs.....have a little peace again....
and students crossing roads and texting...or texting while driving!

Boy I could have a great time jamming these types.

Cell phone users are the most self centered and impolite people on the planet. 

There’s no research that I’ve seen but I would just make a guess that 95% of the cell phone usage is crap...isn’t important...and it’s needless.  Now some are using them in the supermarket aisles asking someone what they should get!  Ever heard of a pencil and notepad?
I use em and never have a problem!

Is there a law that says you can’t “jam” someone's cellphone?  Apparently there is and it sunk up on  us while the government was using it’s technology to listen in on’s citizens.’s the story.  This guy could probably get life if he’s not careful!

I hate to beat a dead horse but the numbers are out and the job situation still sucks and Obama is doing NOTHING but taking plane rides around the world at your expense...traveling to a bunch of places that have better job numbers than he does.  
Oh well...he’s just an inept leader and his only good order was to raid UBL in Pakistan and kill him.  Otherwise his eight years are a lost cause.  We’ll be saddled with Obamacare forever because government works that way.  
They pass crap stuff like that...but don’t order drilling out west so we CAN work our way DOWN in gas prices and screw OPEC.
Like I said won’t change because you will elect the same kind of leaders who will put the handful of environmentalists and their fancy lobbyists buddies ahead of the millions who need work!
   I’m gonna change the subject.
Next sunday May 4th is my 60th anniversary date entering the Army for my two year stint.
I’ll spend most of next week reposting (with some fresh material) about those years...1954-55 so I hope you will enjoy reading about it.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

jobs, jobs, jobs!

bits & pieces...

Did you read all that oil stuff I posted?  We need a President and Congress that will give us $1.50 a gallon gas at the pump and it CAN be done if we’d just allow the proper  drilling out west.  
Give us that and you’ll see an stuttering economy blast into full recovery and go from there...with production and lower gas prices you get jobs etc etc etc and    I’m not an economist....just an observer and it’s time to fire a round or two...or more at OPEC.  They are not on OUR side!

1950...on our family’s long but unforgettable western trip when I was in about the 8th of our stops was in Reno just in time for the big 4th of July celebration and parade. 
     ...the parade featured two “stars” that as yet nobody had heard of:
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis!

how about that.

I don’t want to take sides in this big (overblown) NBA flap.  But has anyone mentioned “free speech”.  Are we to be SO politically correct that we can’t say anything anymore? 
  Especially with our own government spying on us?  
How about getting as upset at THAT as they are with this...which was just stupidity by an individual...while the NSA & IRS thing was in flow blown illegalities for which no one has gone to the slammer for...yet.  
Don’t hold your breath on that.
...and the media is just obsessed with the NBA thing and the month’s old foreign plane crash.  Would that they would spend HALF that time on our own government spies at work against its own citizens!

let's rip the Bahamas!

My friend Neil Rogers and I took on the Bahamas and I can't remember why.  The editorial cartoon above was the result.  Well...we were the biggest hit in Miami radio so what we said apparently had impact.
Wonder what it was????

do you know anyone who might kill JFK?

  on to Tampa...WDAE....1978-79                                       repost
   "Did YOU kill President Kennedy?"
    That was a legitimate question for my guest...
   Grayston Lynch former CIA agent who says he was one of two American agents on board the command ship for the ill fated “ Bay of Pigs” invasion.
    Lynch had first hand knowledge of the consequences of President Kennedy’s refusing air cover for the invading forces.
    I’d call that motive
    Lynch was trained as a CIA operative....and I’d think he would have the capability of firing a kill shot from a grassy knoll. 
    And he had been CIA....and questions persisted as to whether any agency in our own government might have conspired to kill JFK.
    Just see the Oliver Stone movie about that and if Donald Sutherland doesn’t scare the hell out of you...he at least leaves unanswered questions in the film...JFK.  I’ll have lots of JFK assassination stuff in later posts...but Lynch’s one word answer to that question was “ridiculous”.
   “Did you have any knowledge about the assassination?”
 “None whatsoever”
 "Did you work with or know of any men who hated Kennedy enough to kill him?"
    Gary Lynch was one of my first guests on my new talk radio show on WDAE in Tampa Bay.
Here's a link for an excellent writeup on Lynch from the Miami Herald:
                     Miami I would be asking another interesting individual the same question about killing Kennedy.
    That was Watergate burglar Eugenio Martinez.
 He basically answered the same way.
    I ended up talking about the alleged conspiracies surrounding JFK so much that a friendly FBI agent in Tampa invited me out for coffee just to warn me about checking my car for bomb devices and telling me to leave the door wide open while starting the vehicle...a closed door is bad news. 
    One alleged mobster most often mentioned in connection with the affairs in Dallas lived in Tampa.  
    Santo Trafficanti probably listened to my show but he would not grant me an interview there or in Miami when I asked his lawyer.
 “What’d want to talk to him about?” Was the response! 
   Then there was New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello (Jim Garrison shied away from alleging any mob involvement in the assassination and many wondered “why”.)
    A girl from a college in Tampa called my show one night and chastised my pronouncing of his last name.  I said how do you know about him.
 “Oh...he’s my uncle!” never knows who’s listening.
    Hollywood is bringing Carlos back to the big screen.  Robert DeNiro is slated to play the mobster who may or may not have actually admitted that he ordered the killing of JFK.  Filming is this year.  I Hope Marchello’s niece enjoys the flick.
    One the personal side I found a nice new apartment complex in Clearwater...across the bridge from Tampa.  I moved in and the first night I headed for my car to drive into Tampa and the worst stench hit me as I stepped out the door. The next day I went into the complex office and asked the manager what the smell was.
    She blushed and finally admitted there was a former trash dump a few blocks away.
    Now I know why the rent was lower there than at other places.
 I stuck it out....since it only smelled at night I reduced my excursions outside. 
    Just like the lesson on “fire” a few posts should check any potential new location two or three times at different hours to avoid that kind of problem.
   One strange thing happened at the radio station.
    I was set to have Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson on my show one night.  he was running for President and making the talk show rounds.
    I came in a bit early and the boss, Don Clark, one of the rare nice and intelligent managers in radio, stopped me before I entered the studio where there was a desk with locks for private stuff.
   “You are not gonna believe what the Secret Service did.  They busted open all the draws on your desk to check them out.”
   “Did they think the talk host was gonna shoot the Senator or something?” I said...bewildered by this blatant breach of my privacy.  “Or maybe they just needed some paper clips?”
        Don laughed and said he was sending them a bill for fixing the desk.
 That night I ask the Senator on the air why the Secret Service would do something like that...”has there been some kind of threat against you?”
“Not that I know of” Jackson replied.
 My guess is were over reacting to the events in Dallas.  The Secret Service had taken a lot of heat about lack of protection....losing a President means they failed on many levels.
    The great thing about living in Clearwater/St. Petersburg is, of course, the beach.  If you don’t like one beach...just head further south...great beaches in Sarasota, Ft. Myers and Sanibel Island and down to Naples and to my favorite...Marco Island.
    For years I would be driving south out of St. Petersburg and become nervous when going over “Sunshine Skyway Bridge”. 
 I hate heights. 
    Years 1980... a ship would crush a support column causing a portion of the span to collapse.  35 people would be killed when a bus drove into the open space and crashed into the water below. 
    I would return to that area to initiate my new national all night call in show and I lived in Clearwater again (avoiding the trash heap this time).  
    Each weekend I returned to our home in Ft. I would cross the NEW Sunshine Skyway Bridge and try to avoid looking down at the remaining portions of the old used a fishing piers. It’s still scary for me.

 email response from Tampa from a Tampa radio superstar:

You certainly turned this town on its head when 

 you worked here. Classic radio Bro, loved every 
minute of it.

Live it up
Tedd Webb. 


Monday, April 28, 2014

Fire IS Hell!!!

Our Stone House/Rebuilt!

         I repeat...FIRE IS hell!

      Remember the guy in the movie “Network”.
      “I want you to get up now...I want you to get up and go to the window” etc, etc,etc.’s what I want you to do.
      Look around....seriously...look at what you have in your room...the other rooms...and select what you couldn’t live without.
      Because...when a fire breaks don’t have time to think about this stuff...important in your life.  
      So...take a good long look and determine what you would HAVE to save..and how you could save it...(toss your computer out a window? whatever)....for your life to continue on in the productive way it was before the match was lit.
      Our small but attractive home was actually a picturesque stone house.  You can Google something by Norman Rockwell called “EVERGREEN COTTAGE” and you’re looking at our home. My Dad had even matched the Rockwell colors with the red door and the green awnings on the windows. We had a small old fashioned wood burning stove  where we built a fire to keep warm.  
      My parents had sold their house in the Chicago suburbs (bye Jackie!) and in the summer lived in this stone house and then they wintered (with our cat Fabian) in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.
      I had lost the election and was looking for work in radio again.
It was November and cold and I used a small bit of lighter fluid on some wood to get the fire burning.
      A small part of wood...already burning popped out of the stove and onto the floor and swish ...thing took off like you couldn’t believe. 
      I grabbed the phone and dialed the operator and told her what had happened.  She tried to keep me on the phone to get more information on the rural location...but I screamed at her that I had to get out.
      Now here’s the tough part.
      I had about two minutes to get everything from my life in hand and out the door.  
      My car was parked close to the house and I worried about that.
      What I saved in that short period of time and what I didn’t was based totally on what I could see in the bourgeoning smoke filled house.
      Unlike you...whom I’m sure have followed my suggestion to single out those things you would save...I was completely disorganized.
       I did grab my wallet and brief case but at the same time I left my correspondence which included two letters from the late JFK and one from his brother Bobby. They burned to a crisp along with my other important documents like my passport etc.
      All of my tapes from my radio days also burned up.  And that was a singular loss I could not the letters.
      I got out ok...was not injuried...just coughing a bunch of smoke out of my lungs and I did get the car moved having found the keys in time.
      I don’t think I actually had two seemed more like less than a minute before I couldn’t breath.  Once that happens... you have to get out.
     We were not near a fire station and they had to send a volunteer fireman out to confirm the fire (it happened to be the man who farmed our land) and by the time he had confirmed it the other firemen had suited up and they came out with two or three trucks....the main and rear portion of the house (wood) was engulfed and not worth saving.  The actual stone part in the front and sides was not damaged and my Dad would be able to get that cleaned up and build a new house onto the old stone house and my parents actually got a nice new home out of the insurance...which my Mother badly deserved as she loved the Chicago house and the neighbors there very much.
      I rented a room in a boarding house in Rockford and proceeded to seek a job.

a cartoon about me

Tampa Days

free smelly stuff!


this isn’t an ad!

I like this “smells store.”...even though it’s basically for women.

Here’s a tip...don’t go to Macy’s seeking samples of cologne they’ll just give you a small card and spray some stuff on it from the bottle.  I love the samples but they’ve done away with ‘em.

But at JC Penny's SEPHORA you can browse and if you’re nice...a young lady might make up a sample or two of anything which interests you.
I’m not saying they will do this everytime but if they aren’t that busy you may luck out.
And...they’ve got the good stuff for both girls and guys. Gucci...Armani and Calvin Klein. 
For instance for men...try “CODE” by Armani... or any of the other Armani goodies.
Just ask them if they could make you a small sample for your wife to try.  Good luck.


Just full of good tips and news...

...the mysterious young lady I named Christy is alive and well (& good looking as usual...I might add) at the store where she “claims” she’s always been the past few months.  I’m delighted to see her so I’m not going the challenge what she said:
 “I’ve been here”  she told me. nunnery...and, I guess, still no email address. Don’t know about a cell phone...she was too busy so...I let it be.
On the other had still no Kate Middleton look alike at my supermarket.  I’m not camping out to see her but I do end up there almost everyday. I would just like to tell her about the blog so she can read about Christy (above) apparently has been doing!  Ha.

Sunday, April 27, 2014



Next time you have to fill up at $3.89/gallon, think of this!!!

 I did the Math, if we have untapped, only 4 trillion barrels of oil (read the official report at the site above) in this Country of ours,…
getting (+/-) 21 gallons of gasoline from each barrel, we will have 84 trillion gallons of gasoline, divided by the approximately 17 millions used daily in our Country, we have enough gasoline to last us for 4,941,176.5 days, that is 13,537.5 years!

Make your own reasoning about why are we paying about $3.89/gallon at the gas stations.

Oil oil everywhere but not a drop for us!

the BAKKEN field N.D.

something to think about...

Next time you fill up at $3.89 a gallon, think of this!!!

Here are the official estimates of oil under just the western portion of the U.S. 
None being extracted...despite a Presidential order to do so issued several years ago.

We have:

 8 times as much oil as Saudi Arabia!

18 times as much oil as Iraq!

 21 times as much oil as Kuwait

 22 times as much oil as Iran

 500 times as much oil as Yemen

and it's all right here in the Western United States !

  HOW can this BE?  HOW can we NOT BE extracting this?  Because the environmentalists and others have blocked all efforts to help America become independent of foreign oil! 
Again, we are letting a small group of people dictate our lives and our economy.  WHY?

something to think about when you hit the gas station next time.

pitchers who pray bug me


just some thoughts... Major League come the guys that pray the most before they pitch give up to most runs?  something ain't working!

I still say “Joan Of Arcadia” was one of the finest shows EVER on television.  Especially with the crap they feed us in this day and age!
Amber Tamblyn (Joan) is some kind of beauty.  Makes me yearn for my high school days again.  
...and I still think teachers should make use of the copies of the show in most of the libraries in this country...assigning students to watch it and then having discussions about the various aspects of the show.
They could do weeks or months on why it was canceled when the “Devil” made an appearance.  Fascinating stuff.
One could even claim that the “Devil” won the war against “God” (and Joan)in Arcadia....because the show was canceled!

“Sleep Remedy” by Nature Garden is what you should use to get some sleep.  
It’s at the Dollar Tree store near you (hopefully).
Natural drugs and just a dollar for a box of 8. I’ve used them all...this IS the one.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

...but where is Susan Dey???

Susan Dey-Harry Hamlin
Harry Hamlin-LA Law

Harry Hamlin...NATION’S HEART THROB...
got old like the rest of us.

...hard to believe Harry...who every female in America desired (and a lot of guys too) when he had the lead in the excellent hit tv show L.A. Law back in the early 90’ now an old guy playing Jim Cutler on Mad Men.

(PS...I still love Susan Dey!)


L.A. Law (TV Series) 
HARRY Michael Kuzak
- Since I Fell for You (1991) ... Michael Kuzak (credit only)
- On the Toad Again (1991) ... Michael Kuzak (credit only)
- There Goes the Judge (1991) ... Michael Kuzak (credit only)
- Speak, Lawyers, for Me (1991) ... Michael Kuzak
- As God Is My Co-Defendant (1991) ... Michael Kuzak
Show all 105 episodes

I checked to see what great parts Harry had all these years and he worked alot...but no real “great” and memorable parts...until now.
Us old guys still have hope! (Attention...Pete Bolger at WLS!...I mean me not you!)

Mill Stream seems to be gone.  The excellent Utah based soup outfit that was in Big Lots has no office or company website etc.  I sent an e-mail to the parent company and it was returned undelivered.
Sad...too bad...their soups were great!

BUT TASTYKAKE THRIVES!  thank heavens...and SNYDERS...pretzels and chips...another great Pennsylvania firm!

If I could just win the lotto


Dream living!

I have three places in the United States from which I’d pick...if I had the resources to do it.
One is in western Arizona near Wickenburg. 
Once I was driving back from Vegas to Phoenix and decided to take route 93 instead of the interstate. 
93 is not scary like route 89 is...I’ll never take that highway again!  Prescott south was the worst...worse than the Swiss Alps with mountain twists and turns and narrow road.  
But route 93 is calm and most beautiful and you come down from a nearly 4,000 foot high mountain pass and into a kind of valley and before the ten miles or so then to Winckeburg one gets a strange calming effect and I looked around and said to myself...I want to build a home here someday!  This was the intersection of three highways...89...93 and 71.  It’s easy to find.  And back in the 90’s...not even a gas station in sight.
Another is in California near the beautiful Bridgeport Reservoir.  In 1999 we drove to Yosemite National Park and Bridgeport is near the Nevada border and the east entrance to the park.  What can one say about this just takes your breath away in beauty!  This would be a bit more congested than the spot in Arizona I wrote about. 
The last would definitely be a bit more populated...and that’s Marco Island, Florida.  This is the wonderful island just south of Naples on the west coast of Florida...with the Gulf of Mexico on one side and Everglades National Park on the other. Yes there are hotels...townhouses etc. mostly for the retired bunch and a bit of congestion from shops that cater to the beach going clientele.  But that’s okay...especially as long as there’s a super Walmart and a Publix and a fast food places that forge connivence....for me!

So...three places...kind of like “heaven on earth” if you know what I mean.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Clooney against Free Speech!

Clooney vs Steve Wynn...who won?

George acts like a 10 year old kid in a tantrum...

...don’t you call my friend Obama as a**hole!

     Hey Clooney...your Dad was in the news business for a long time...ask him about “freedom of speech”!
Here’s the story if anyone’s want it.

...this reaction from a guy who made that fantastic unforgettable flick...”The Men Who Stare At Goats”.  We’ll never forget that one! he’ll call me a name.

   Big surprise.
   In one of our Big Lots stores today I found some left over Mill Stream Soup.  I bought the “cheddar broccoli” since they didn’t have my tomato soup with pasta.
   But now I’ve got their address and I’ll try to nail down why they’ve “dropped off the face of the map” in stores.  Wish me luck. It’s too bad...their soups were fantastic!


Updates on two girls written about here:

Christie (not the real name)...the college age girl with no email or cell phone(?) is still not visible at the store where she worked for years.  I’m beginning to believe my own joke about a “nunnery”!  
She did read my blog maybe she’ll connect.  She’d have to get an email address though.

and my disappointment the twin sister looking Kate Middleton I saw at my supermarket some weeks back has not been spotted either.  Too bad...she knows nothing of the blog posts about her resemblance to THE Kate.
By the way...the Kate gets a cover story in US magazine with some cute pics.  It’s at your checkout stand.