Wednesday, April 2, 2014

this is post # 300!!!

52 Nations!

300 posts..and celebrating!

I started this thing on a whim...back in June-July 2013.

Actually I have to give credit to my daughter Kathy...who wanted me to jot down some of my experiences.  Sadly...we lost her far too soon.

My son Christopher was also encouraging me to write about some of the things I’d been through so that was a help.

I never thought so many of my trials... tribulations..and a few successes would last this long. 
I have a good memory...long term that is.  I generally have to whip out my tiny hand-held note gizmo to keep my short term memory sucks.  I can think of something interesting...go into another room...and it’s gone.  Luckily it usually comes back to me but the tape helps.  Stuff from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and up to now I can remember easily.  Kind of remarkable for a kid sitting on the steps of his Paris, Illinois house and listening to FDR’s Pearl Harbor speech to Congress after December 7, 1941.

So...this is number 300 and I still haven’t run out of thoughts...memories I guess I’ll just keep on keeping on as long as someone out there compliments me by reading all this.

We are nearing 26,000 views which is a thrill for me.  Even more...  viewers in some 52 nations have checked in!  That IS exciting.

So I dedicate this blog and these posts and my thoughts to stepson Jeffrey and stepdaughter Morgan ...and indirectly to all who have read and enjoyed my blurbs.


If you’d like to say are my emails.  I won’t print your comments unless you tell me to!  these email address are only read by ME...the NSA, the CIA, The NRO, the FBI, Google and the local police!

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