Monday, April 28, 2014

free smelly stuff!


this isn’t an ad!

I like this “smells store.”...even though it’s basically for women.

Here’s a tip...don’t go to Macy’s seeking samples of cologne they’ll just give you a small card and spray some stuff on it from the bottle.  I love the samples but they’ve done away with ‘em.

But at JC Penny's SEPHORA you can browse and if you’re nice...a young lady might make up a sample or two of anything which interests you.
I’m not saying they will do this everytime but if they aren’t that busy you may luck out.
And...they’ve got the good stuff for both girls and guys. Gucci...Armani and Calvin Klein. 
For instance for men...try “CODE” by Armani... or any of the other Armani goodies.
Just ask them if they could make you a small sample for your wife to try.  Good luck.


Just full of good tips and news...

...the mysterious young lady I named Christy is alive and well (& good looking as usual...I might add) at the store where she “claims” she’s always been the past few months.  I’m delighted to see her so I’m not going the challenge what she said:
 “I’ve been here”  she told me. nunnery...and, I guess, still no email address. Don’t know about a cell phone...she was too busy so...I let it be.
On the other had still no Kate Middleton look alike at my supermarket.  I’m not camping out to see her but I do end up there almost everyday. I would just like to tell her about the blog so she can read about Christy (above) apparently has been doing!  Ha.

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