Friday, April 11, 2014

kate kate kate kate etc

...Kate whips hubby in yacht race...twice!

The Duchess Kate proved a lot in New Zealand...and the UK Mail of London proved her true beauty AGAIN with so many pictures you won’t believe it!
No need to write about her (except to say she IS and continues to be most beautiful women on the planet!
Here’s the link...take your time...enjoy the moment...there’s lots of pics.

I‘m reminded of the time back in 1962 when I was a news guy at WMEX Boston I got an invite from the United State Navy to ride the waves.  Or to go underwater actually...on the latest nuclear sub they wanted to show off.  I thought about it for awhile and then declined.
     The long, long boat ride across the Atlantic in my Army days was enough of the water for me forever. 
In Nam my flight to the carrier Hancock was speedy...and except for that catapult landing where I left my stomach I really wasn’t abroad the vessel that long.
I’ve never even taken a cruise and have been offered some free ones during my talk show days especially living down here in the heart of “cruise heaven”.
Once we rented a small motorboat in Naples and I took it from Naples over to beautiful Marco Island but on the way back we got hit by one of those Florida storms and had to beach the boat and ourselves for awhile until it cleared.
A couple of times friends took us out on their boat...once to watch the famous Ft. Lauderdale boat parade and that was okay.
I’m just not big on being on the water.  If I ever won the lotto I doubt I’d buy a yacht. That Army thing really did me in.

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