Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ellen for Letterman's slot!

some silly things to write about....

so...Letterman will give it up...thank god.  Now if we can just get Kimmel, Conan and those other two or three nothings to retire early I’d be happy.  I go back to Jack Paar...and there’s never been anyone to fill his shoes. EVERYBODY...but everyone talked about his show the next day at the water cooler and none of these idiots like Leno had that touch.
And by the come they are all white males???
Ellen would have been great taking the Tonight Show...not the nothing they’ve got now...can’t even think of his name!
     Go Ellen...put in a resume for Letterman’s show and if they turn you down sue em!
Hell she’d have half the coutry dancing at 11:40 every night!  We need it after Obama!   
and she's a this IS unusual for ME.
I was bragging about my fantastic memory in the “salute to #300” post here...and tying it in with historical events portrayed on Mad Men.  
I just realized that I have no idea where I was or what I was doing during the “Missiles of October...the October 1962 Cuban missile crises that JFK faced. So much for my great memory!  Wouldn’t you think I would recall all that easily?  Nope

My old Army buddy from AFN Germany Nick Clooney (George’s Dad) and I were hanging out at his Mom’s Beverly Hills apartment on the not too fancy south side...back around 56 or 57.  We were drinking his sister Rosemary Clooney’s Jack Daniels every night
( Nick’s plot to keep it away from her, I think) and watching the late  movies on tv.
But here’s the silly part.  (Don’t tell George!)
Nick had a “brush your teeth” fetish.  He would brush his teeth for like a half hour two or three times a day...and I kid you not.  He has no contact with me for years now but I’d love to know if all that brushing paid off!  
The silly left over here is everytime I brush I think of that!!!

The pretty and  mysterious girl I dubbed “Christie” and wrote up because she is not typical...has no e-mail and maybe no cell phone in this day and still for about a month or so.
Get thee to a you think?
A lingering mystery.

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