Saturday, April 26, 2014

If I could just win the lotto


Dream living!

I have three places in the United States from which I’d pick...if I had the resources to do it.
One is in western Arizona near Wickenburg. 
Once I was driving back from Vegas to Phoenix and decided to take route 93 instead of the interstate. 
93 is not scary like route 89 is...I’ll never take that highway again!  Prescott south was the worst...worse than the Swiss Alps with mountain twists and turns and narrow road.  
But route 93 is calm and most beautiful and you come down from a nearly 4,000 foot high mountain pass and into a kind of valley and before the ten miles or so then to Winckeburg one gets a strange calming effect and I looked around and said to myself...I want to build a home here someday!  This was the intersection of three highways...89...93 and 71.  It’s easy to find.  And back in the 90’s...not even a gas station in sight.
Another is in California near the beautiful Bridgeport Reservoir.  In 1999 we drove to Yosemite National Park and Bridgeport is near the Nevada border and the east entrance to the park.  What can one say about this just takes your breath away in beauty!  This would be a bit more congested than the spot in Arizona I wrote about. 
The last would definitely be a bit more populated...and that’s Marco Island, Florida.  This is the wonderful island just south of Naples on the west coast of Florida...with the Gulf of Mexico on one side and Everglades National Park on the other. Yes there are hotels...townhouses etc. mostly for the retired bunch and a bit of congestion from shops that cater to the beach going clientele.  But that’s okay...especially as long as there’s a super Walmart and a Publix and a fast food places that forge connivence....for me!

So...three places...kind of like “heaven on earth” if you know what I mean.

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