Friday, April 18, 2014

a couple of our "finest!"

a note or two from a former Philadelphia police officer.

Hello Stan:
Wanted to look you up and say hello.  I was one of the Phil PD Officers assigned to the 19th District patrol wagon that patrolled  Conshohocken  Avenue and would stop in to check on the station and hosts. 
Your name came up a few weeks ago when I read that Richard Hayes had died.  
Glad to see that you are doing well.  I retired in 2004 to take a job with a NJ Prosecutor's Office and still working.  
   Hope you can get that deep dish Chicago style pie in Florida.

Continued success

followup note...              


I read the Richard Hayes tribute and submitted a comment but I don't think that it went through.
The comment was that during the 1980's my partner and I were assigned to the 19th District, where WWDB was located. We met Richard and he was a gentlemen.  
He confided that as a result of his daily Long Island 
commute, he got to meet many New Jersey State Troopers!
great to hear from  these guys!  I do miss Philly! 

Cheese steaks & Tastykake pound loaf and of course...big Cherry Cheesecakes from diners in “Jersey”.  Yum!

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