Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I hate cell phones!

cell jammer

Cell phone jamming!!!

Where can I get one of these jammers?

I’ll tell you where I’d work the stores in a checkout line....get rid of the cells I don’t want to listen too....and...walking dogs.....have a little peace again....
and students crossing roads and texting...or texting while driving!

Boy I could have a great time jamming these types.

Cell phone users are the most self centered and impolite people on the planet. 

There’s no research that I’ve seen but I would just make a guess that 95% of the cell phone usage is crap...isn’t important...and it’s needless.  Now some are using them in the supermarket aisles asking someone what they should get!  Ever heard of a pencil and notepad?
I use em and never have a problem!

Is there a law that says you can’t “jam” someone's cellphone?  Apparently there is and it sunk up on  us while the government was using it’s technology to listen in on’s citizens.’s the story.  This guy could probably get life if he’s not careful!

I hate to beat a dead horse but the numbers are out and the job situation still sucks and Obama is doing NOTHING but taking plane rides around the world at your expense...traveling to a bunch of places that have better job numbers than he does.  
Oh well...he’s just an inept leader and his only good order was to raid UBL in Pakistan and kill him.  Otherwise his eight years are a lost cause.  We’ll be saddled with Obamacare forever because government works that way.  
They pass crap stuff like that...but don’t order drilling out west so we CAN work our way DOWN in gas prices and screw OPEC.
Like I said won’t change because you will elect the same kind of leaders who will put the handful of environmentalists and their fancy lobbyists buddies ahead of the millions who need work!
   I’m gonna change the subject.
Next sunday May 4th is my 60th anniversary date entering the Army for my two year stint.
I’ll spend most of next week reposting (with some fresh material) about those years...1954-55 so I hope you will enjoy reading about it.

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