Saturday, April 19, 2014

HAPPY EASTER! and the Dr. said "cut the cord"!


    Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 1988                                                                   Repost

On the homefront I had moved into Laurie’s townhouse and was heavily into the family mode with her two kids and planning the route to the hospital at Laurie’s time.
    One thing happened which was unpleasant.
    A baby raccoon was hiding in a box in our garage and not knowing that I stuck my hand in to find something and got bit.
    I had to get the shot treatment until they trapped him and found he was rabies free.  The shots could stop, thank heaven.
     My father had retired to his Texas home...and we planned a trip to visit him as soon as the baby could travel.

     Speaking of the baby....the big day had come.
     I drove Laurie to the hospital on December 4, 1988 and as she was taken into the delivery room they handed me a gown and mask and told me to put them on.  I was going in for the birth of my baby...stunned and surprised at that.  I was never informed.
     But it was great.  I was a bit put off by Laurie’s condition...she kept pleading to go home...but finally our baby boy was born into the world.
     Then..before I could think or object...the doctor handed me a pair of surgical scissors and he held the baby up and held the umbilical cord and said “cut”.
      I did as ordered and cut my son’s cord! 
      I was shocked...and happy and had to get out of there fast before I feinted.  After I sat down for awhile I was all right and able to marvel at what had just happened.  Every father should do had been an experience of a lifetime.
     We took baby Christopher home later to see his brother and sister and the rest of Laurie’s family.
      Thank God all was fine...and over.
      I reminded Laurie...of the Priest in front of a small Catholic church in a medieval village in Switzerland whom I asked to bless the child and the Mother. I had to use hand signals with him as he did not speak English.  He touched her stomach...and made the sign of the cross and they were blessed.  That was a once in a lifetime moment also.

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