Monday, April 7, 2014

selena HOT at the beach!

selena hot
some more silliness......

Was watching Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez and noted something strange.  In one scene when she’s sunbathing her breasts are huge...I mean for a young girl who’s not very tall.  Then...after the polo match when she’s brushing down her horse she looks like a ten year old boy...straight up and down.  So..inquiring minds would like to know how is that possible?  Maybe just Hollywood, huh?  
Remember Demi in “Blame It On Rio”?  Embarrassed to go topless on the beach...and then in “Striptease”...WOW!  Very impressive change. Hooray for Hollywood!


Also let me mention a foreign film from France...
“The Valet.”
The plot is funny with a car parking valet being set up with a super model by a woman’s ultra  rich husband who’s been balling the model and needs the Valet as a fall guy.
It’s watchable and the tall blond supermodel has really nice long legs...but catching my attention was the dark haired girlfriend of the Valet played by Virginie Ledoyen.  A doll!  
Be sure to Goggle her pics!


by the way...we seem to have both Russia AND the Ukraine with us again....thanks Putin!  Maybe things are better over there?  Hope so.

Here’s a link for more pics of Selene at the beach!  Enjoy.

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