Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm mad at Mad Men!

Don Draper going nowhere last night!

Mad Men bust......

....what was the Mad Men episode all about last night? 
Peggy’s clogged toilet?  C'mon can do better than last night.  Have you run out of gas?
Where’s Betty?  Is Sally having sex yet?  What happened to the big boss who does nothing...he wasn’t in the show. Is Roger still in advertising?
So you don’t have anyone but Peggy, Joan and Stan at work in NYC?
You managed to get everyone important away and so actually you’ve got no show.
Let’s hope it returns to normal quickly!


I WAS going to write something about the Miami Marlins...but I think they are in hiding.  How can you be so good in Spring Training and so bad once you step foot outside Miami?  
Maybe they took Mad Men lessons!  If you get my drift.

Guy who lives next to me just got a new Hyundai Elantra.  The color says bronze but it it seems to change color about two or three times day and night.    Weird.  
Bronze-tan sunny days...then cloudy...a kind of a mauve...leaning toward teal...then nights...bright silver!  
Never seen anything like it!


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