Saturday, April 12, 2014

show us your LARK pack!

me and my stogie
here and there......

Did I miss something?  My cigars were shipped by the U.S. Postal Service but delivered by UPS?  How long has this been going on?

At some time on my radio show I closed my program with Rod McKuen’s “If You Go Away”.  Can’t remember where or when but I’ve received inquiries about the song as recently as this year!  
Also..I used to close saying “goodnight bright eyes”.  Sad part is I can’t remember which bright eyes I was talking about!  Probably next door crush in Mt. Prospect (Chicago)...or Betty in Philly.


Remember that Lark commercial where they had people in a truck driving around with huge signs “show us your Lark pack”!
That needs to be written into Mad Men.  By the way...the final season of Mad Men on AMC begins Sunday night!  
I remember they were filming at Lax airport in L.A. some months ago and had to break off due to a “terror threat”.  Maybe someone didn’t like Don Draper’s hair!

Coming up May 4th will be my 60th anniversary of going into the Army!  god...60 years ago...can you believe.  So  I’ll use the occasion to re-post all my Army stuff...which many of you liked.

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