Monday, April 7, 2014

a mall with as many visitors as Disneyworld?

Sawgrass Mills Mall
Imagine...a shopping mall with as many visitors as 
Disney World!

Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, Florida just west of Ft. Lauderdale is THE mall for foreign visitors...especially Latin American folks.
There’s a big “Brandsmart” there and all kinds of electronics fly out the doors shipped south.  But the mall itself is so big they can hardly get it to fit on a large fold out brochure.
As an example...there are 34.....count em...34 stores that cater to women!  I challenge you to find another mall anywhere that has the scope of specialty stores designed for the ladies.  On top of that there’s just as many...33 stores that sale shoes!
The amazing thing about Sawgrass MIlls is there’s no gigantic department store anchoring anything.  There is a “Bloomingdales Outlet” and a “Macy’s” same...and a “Neiman Marcus” Last Call....along with a “Saks” off 5th.  None of these stores a really big enough to be dubbed an “anchor” and they’ve been there a long time so they must be doing something right.
That’s what I’d call this mall with its hundreds and hundreds of shops.  It’s Crowded and folks are actually buying...lots of suitcases dragged around...just bought to place more “just bought” inside.
Both the security guy at Brandsmart and the nice lady at Simmons information booth(mall operator) agreed things are better now than a year ago. 
I saw NO empty shops!  Check that at your local mall.
JC Penny Outlet didn’t make it but that large store was not typical...and it sits as an empty anomaly while everything else spread over blocks and blocks including a bunch of movie theaters and restaurants (over 20 of them the sit down type) are going well.
Parking is crowded...and there is a large Target Store which might be dubbed an “anchor” but their electronic department has a big problem trying to compete with Brandsmart but the other departments are thriving.’s been a tough few years on malls...and while waiting for Sears, JCPenney and others to close down and move don’t have to be concerned at Sawgrass Mills.  It’s right near the Everglades so come on in and enjoy the scenery both outside (Glades) and inside (beautiful Latin females, some working..lots buying.)

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