Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm ticked off!

things that tick me off....
...there is a great song in the movie Monte Carlo...when the three girls are snazzy dressed and coming down the steps to go to the ball.
My caption dubs it “Bright Lights Bigger City” but all the songs with that name do not seem to fit the song they actual use.  
It also is not listed on the one soundtrack listing I found.
I’m befuddled!
Any comments?
   This is big on You Tube...but it’s not quite THE same rendition.

another happy viewer!


I would like to congratulate you on an interesting engaging blog.  

I am a broadcaster as well and have been in the industry commercially since 1979.  In addition I'm a big broadcast history fan.

  My career has included stints working for a few radio stations as air talent doing all sorts of formats as well as radio station ownership for almost 14 years.

I'm in the industry part time and in the middle of a career move into the IT industry.  

Thanks again for the great blog

dave marthouse
New Jersey

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