Thursday, April 10, 2014

the late night CBS "snooze"

no dancing late night!
another boring choice....

so...CBS picks what a surprise!  Another white comedian with no concept about conversational communication.  Well his inane crap can put us to sleep so that's the advantage, I guess.
Jack Paar was king!  He was not a comedian...neither was Johnny Carson..not my favorite but how can you follow Paar anyway?
Another non-comedian...Steve Allen was nominally successful as were regular “talkers” Tom Snyder...Les Crane  and Dick Cavett.
Notice anything unusual here?
Of course...these guys were conversationalist inclined and not funnymen.
Ellen would have been so great in Letterman slot!
Colbert won’t have anyone “dancing” with his boring crap...Ellen would have had us all dancing in our living rooms late night!  I sure hope she put in her resume and got turned down so she can sue their ass off!  Isn’t being turned down by CBS in favor of a white male comedian considered “tortious interference” in one’s career?  (for those of you who don’t get that snipe...that was the excuse the CBS lawyers used to the news department NOT to run that famous Mike Wallace interview with the tobacco whistle blower.  See the flick “The Insider”.) 
I’m sad.

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