Sunday, April 27, 2014

pitchers who pray bug me


just some thoughts... Major League come the guys that pray the most before they pitch give up to most runs?  something ain't working!

I still say “Joan Of Arcadia” was one of the finest shows EVER on television.  Especially with the crap they feed us in this day and age!
Amber Tamblyn (Joan) is some kind of beauty.  Makes me yearn for my high school days again.  
...and I still think teachers should make use of the copies of the show in most of the libraries in this country...assigning students to watch it and then having discussions about the various aspects of the show.
They could do weeks or months on why it was canceled when the “Devil” made an appearance.  Fascinating stuff.
One could even claim that the “Devil” won the war against “God” (and Joan)in Arcadia....because the show was canceled!

“Sleep Remedy” by Nature Garden is what you should use to get some sleep.  
It’s at the Dollar Tree store near you (hopefully).
Natural drugs and just a dollar for a box of 8. I’ve used them all...this IS the one.

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