Friday, April 11, 2014

I confess(again) Part 2

I confess (2)

I realized today that I had received some cash...bonus money from my advertisers.
     It wasn’t a lot and it didn’t influence me in doing anything untoward but I do want to come clean about it

On my national live all night talk show (five networks over nine years) from time to time some local advertisers based here would invite me to lunch just to chat and tell me what a great job I was doing with their advertising.
They might “grease my palm”  with a couple of hundred dollar bills and I thanked them and I  was happy they were happy.  This was off the books stuff...they could have included it in their check payments to my company and there was no need to be concerned about it.
I just thought you should know.


     this blog has a sudden influx of viewers from FRANCE.  Over sixty today alone.  that’s a kick for me because France is one of my very favorite destinations...
so...don’t know why the sudden interest (this blog is read in France for the past year and 54 counties total at this point.
So...welcome abroad!  
I’d write that in French but I dropped the French class in college after a few days...too hard!

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