Friday, April 25, 2014

Clooney against Free Speech!

Clooney vs Steve Wynn...who won?

George acts like a 10 year old kid in a tantrum...

...don’t you call my friend Obama as a**hole!

     Hey Clooney...your Dad was in the news business for a long time...ask him about “freedom of speech”!
Here’s the story if anyone’s want it.

...this reaction from a guy who made that fantastic unforgettable flick...”The Men Who Stare At Goats”.  We’ll never forget that one! he’ll call me a name.

   Big surprise.
   In one of our Big Lots stores today I found some left over Mill Stream Soup.  I bought the “cheddar broccoli” since they didn’t have my tomato soup with pasta.
   But now I’ve got their address and I’ll try to nail down why they’ve “dropped off the face of the map” in stores.  Wish me luck. It’s too bad...their soups were fantastic!


Updates on two girls written about here:

Christie (not the real name)...the college age girl with no email or cell phone(?) is still not visible at the store where she worked for years.  I’m beginning to believe my own joke about a “nunnery”!  
She did read my blog maybe she’ll connect.  She’d have to get an email address though.

and my disappointment the twin sister looking Kate Middleton I saw at my supermarket some weeks back has not been spotted either.  Too bad...she knows nothing of the blog posts about her resemblance to THE Kate.
By the way...the Kate gets a cover story in US magazine with some cute pics.  It’s at your checkout stand.

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