Saturday, April 26, 2014

...but where is Susan Dey???

Susan Dey-Harry Hamlin
Harry Hamlin-LA Law

Harry Hamlin...NATION’S HEART THROB...
got old like the rest of us.

...hard to believe Harry...who every female in America desired (and a lot of guys too) when he had the lead in the excellent hit tv show L.A. Law back in the early 90’ now an old guy playing Jim Cutler on Mad Men.

(PS...I still love Susan Dey!)


L.A. Law (TV Series) 
HARRY Michael Kuzak
- Since I Fell for You (1991) ... Michael Kuzak (credit only)
- On the Toad Again (1991) ... Michael Kuzak (credit only)
- There Goes the Judge (1991) ... Michael Kuzak (credit only)
- Speak, Lawyers, for Me (1991) ... Michael Kuzak
- As God Is My Co-Defendant (1991) ... Michael Kuzak
Show all 105 episodes

I checked to see what great parts Harry had all these years and he worked alot...but no real “great” and memorable parts...until now.
Us old guys still have hope! (Attention...Pete Bolger at WLS!...I mean me not you!)

Mill Stream seems to be gone.  The excellent Utah based soup outfit that was in Big Lots has no office or company website etc.  I sent an e-mail to the parent company and it was returned undelivered.
Sad...too bad...their soups were great!

BUT TASTYKAKE THRIVES!  thank heavens...and SNYDERS...pretzels and chips...another great Pennsylvania firm!

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