Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Selena,J.Stiles & Adriana & LIBRARY PS

selena gomez

It’s more movie time.....
     A couple of silly flicks starting with Monte Carlo.
I like two things about this movie...primarily the scenery of the Riviera and Selena Gomez’s snobby rich character Cordelia...(not the pouty little girl taking the tour.)  I really dig Gomez in the “grownup” sassy chick role and they should make a sequel primarily featuring her like that.  Don’t ask me how...Hollywood can always come up with something.

Another film that’s silly but easy on the eyes and mind....is “The Prince and Me” with Julia Stiles being romanced by a horny Danish King-to-be at her college in Wisconsin.  The whole plot is far fetched so don’t worry about thinking too much here...just enjoy Stiles and her girlfriends.   
     It’s directed by a gal who seems to believe it’s sexual for Stiles to remove a man’s shirt before kissing...and I laugh at that kind of direction.  Of course we can’t see Luke Mably(the Prince) removing Stiles top because she’s got an everlasting “never ending no nudity” clause in all her contracts.
Anyway it’s a bit of fluff that kills an afternoon for you.


and of course...Midnight In Paris (again) by Woody Allen(ugh) with Owen Wilson(ugh) but with a cameo by the marvelously looking Carla Bruni (world’s 2nd most beautiful woman after Kate the Duchess) and a gas of a couple of the players...Corey Stoll as Ernest Hemingway (“anybody want ‘a fight!”) and as the lovely and very personable Picasso girlfriend who takes to Wilson...Marion Cotillard as Adriana(wow!)
Hard to believe plot but fun..just roll with it and enjoy the players.
A PS on a library...

In my opening tribute a few weeks back to their efficiency, politness etc...I mentioned several libraries and included the Sunrise Dan Pearl in that bunch.

Now I have proof and a couple of names of nice folk there.
I  kept checking the library on the net to see when the first Mad Men season 6 would make it to a shelf.   All their copies have been going through the “hold” process which, of course, takes a long time.
Well...to my surprise one showed up as “shelved” at the Sunrise Library and as that’s one of my favorites and only a few miles away...I hopped in the car to grab it before someone else got it.
I checked the “M’s” several times but no Mad Men...so it was time to ask the librarians who, as I know, are always helpful.
Janice checked it on the computer and confirmed they had it.  She said “maybe it’s in back” and proceeded to find it and bring it out for me!  Again...lots of staff would just shrug their shoulders and say “sorry” but not Janice.  She and her coworker Ann were right on the ball for me and I was not surprised as that’s they way things are in the system.
Would that some of the millions who work in businesses down here could be as sharp


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