Friday, April 18, 2014

thanks MLB: baseball is now boring!

Baseball has changed and it’s not for the better’s for the boring.

Tonight(Friday) the Miami Marlins beat Seattle with a grandslam home run by Giancarlo Stanton and everyone in Seattle must be fuming about.  It wasn’t deserved.  
It happened because of the crazy and stupid new replay rule baseball has instituted this season.
Let me make this easy to understand.
A Marlins hitter (their hottest at the moment ) was ordered against all reason (not me...Tommy Hutton said it on tv) to bunt over two runners with nobody out in the last of the ninth with a tie  game...4-4.
Seattle got the out at third base...simple...right?  So then they would, of course, walk the next batter Stanton.  Makes sense.  Okay so far?
Under the new replay rules the manager, Mike Redmond of the Marlins could challenge that play.  It was close but the guy was out.
So the umps have to meet and defer to another ump...not in Miami at the stadium...but sitting on his butt in New York City somewhere with a bunch of TV replay gizmos to look at the play.
He changed it to safe.
Now...bases loaded...nobody out and no place to put Stanton.
Stanton hits a grandslam and that’s the ballgame.
Now remember I’m a big Marlins fan...but to win this way takes the gleam out of the whole thing.
So as I understand the  Seattle manager could not argue the “changed” decision.
What would Bobby Cox at Atlanta think of that?  
   How about Leo about all those great managers defending their guys by getting tossed out of the game arguing with the umps.
Apparently that’s all history.
How boring!
A mistake by the MLB to take something away that endeared the fans and the players to the game!
Now...It’s tv tape replays...and boring!
Go Marlins! (however)

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