Tuesday, April 29, 2014

jobs, jobs, jobs!

bits & pieces...

Did you read all that oil stuff I posted?  We need a President and Congress that will give us $1.50 a gallon gas at the pump and it CAN be done if we’d just allow the proper  drilling out west.  
Give us that and you’ll see an stuttering economy blast into full recovery and go from there...with production and lower gas prices you get jobs etc etc etc and    I’m not an economist....just an observer and it’s time to fire a round or two...or more at OPEC.  They are not on OUR side!

1950...on our family’s long but unforgettable western trip when I was in about the 8th grade...one of our stops was in Reno just in time for the big 4th of July celebration and parade. 
     ...the parade featured two “stars” that as yet nobody had heard of:
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis!

how about that.

I don’t want to take sides in this big (overblown) NBA flap.  But has anyone mentioned “free speech”.  Are we to be SO politically correct that we can’t say anything anymore? 
  Especially with our own government spying on us?  
How about getting as upset at THAT as they are with this...which was just stupidity by an individual...while the NSA & IRS thing was in flow blown illegalities for which no one has gone to the slammer for...yet.  
Don’t hold your breath on that.
...and the media is just obsessed with the NBA thing and the month’s old foreign plane crash.  Would that they would spend HALF that time on our own government spies at work against its own citizens!

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