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Embarrassed ...Hal's worst!'ll see.

We’ve all been embarrassed at one time or another...
I’ve asked our friend Hal to select his personal favorite.

    “I know what you mean. Even as unrestrained as I am in making contact with people, there have been times that, for some reason I might act or come across like a goof.
    I was sitting in a bar/restaurant in Italy when I made casual eye contact with a more than decent looking lady. As time went on, our eyes crossed paths a couple of times more.
    Knowing no one in the city (was just passing thru), I asked the bartender what he knew about "her".
    He quietly got the point across that she was an American who had family members living there and she frequently visited the area for weeks at a time. She was divorced and wasn't there looking to hook up.
Since I was there under the same "not looking to hook up circumstances" never cheating on the Mrs., I walked over and started talking to her.
    At first she remained seated with her back to me, never acknowledging my presence. I plainly stated that I wasn't hitting on her, but merely wanted to talk to a fellow American.
Still, no response.
    I just stood there confused when she suddenly turned around and was startled by my presence so close to her (maybe 2 to 3 feet). She let out the most god awful, blood curdling scream, got up from her seat and, holding a hand over her heart, staggered away and out the front door.
    At the scream, the bartender came running back out to the bar. After being assured by some of the locals that I had been a gentleman, he realized what had happened.
Quietly, he apologized and said he should have told me .....she was deaf!
    The incident scared the living hell outta me.
I went back to the hotel, barely slept any that night, and was happy as hell to get back on the plane the next morning.”

thanks pal Hal.  Quite a story. 
    One way or another we’ve all been there.

Now...this is gonna be fun. Click below and you will go to a page where EVERY PASSPORT in the world appears.
That’s what I said. go ahead.try to find yours.

click below:

P.S. I lost my passport in Monte Carlo one time.  Always wondered who the other  Stan Major is... somewhere!

The ghosts of Huntley & Brinkley appear & best economical cars to drive

Brinkley, Huntley, Cronkite & Smith

The ghosts of Huntley-Brinkley visited me!

“Chet Huntley, NBC News New York.....and David Brinkley NBC News Washington!”
    "Wow...hey guys...David good to see you again.          Chet...nice to meet you, finally."
    "I’ll bet I know why you’re here!"
“That’s right, Stan” David replied.  But Chet and I don’t agree on the Brian Williams thing”
    “Right David” replied Chet.
“I say put him back in the anchor’s chair and the faster the better” argued David.
“You can’t do that...the guy basically lied about a whole bunch of stuff...and don’t you love that word they devised to not say what it really was?
    “Embellishment”? I asked.
    “That’s it...added Chet...a lot of em!"
“Who cares” said David.  “The whole news image for NBC  is going down the drain...over really nothing.  Put  him back to work...get those top ratings and all will be forgiven and forgotten in a month!”
    I saw some movement so I jumped in....
“Hey guys before you leave can you do me a big favor?
    They paused...
Can you do your regular sign on just one last time for us?
    “Sure” said my friend David.
There was a slight pause...then:

    And with that they were gone.
Chills...I had chills!

The BEST cars for the economy! 
click below and find out which they are

Remember "Kids Say the Darndest Things?" & ...don't expect that baby for a few more down below


      ...Hal’s funny Christmas story:
     It was a day shift Christmas. No place to get anything to eat all day and having to go by fire department stations to bum coffee.
    About 8:30 am, I got a call on a theft report. 
    A four year old boy in one of the poorest parts of town had taken his Santa delivered tricycle outside to ride 
    He went inside to get a warmer coat and when he came back out his trike was gone.
     I got to the house within 3 minutes of getting the call. His parents told me they had spent their entire holiday budget on some new clothes for the youngster and the new tricycle. 
     Over his sobs, I got a description of the missing red tricycle and set out looking for it. My expectations were not high.
     But in less than ten minutes, I spotted something shiny and red behind some 
bushes on an empty lot. was the tricycle.
     I put it in the trunk of my police car and happily returned to the scene of the crime.
      I motioned them to come out to my parked car, walked to the rear of it and produced the no longer missing tricycle.
      The boy was screaming, "My trickle, my trickle !!!", over and over again.
      The mom and happy as their son kept thanking me over and over again.
     As I turned to leave, Mom asked her son, "What do you say to the nice policeman?"
   The boy paused for a few seconds, looked at his parents, then at me and with all his boyish charm, looked me square in the eye and 
"Muthafuckin' Pig !"
Mom almost fainted, Dad nearly had a heart attack and I drove away laughing my 
butt off.

    Just a typical Christmas from our friend...Hal.

In London they've just extended the parking restrictions around Kate's waiting.

click here

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LOVE BALTIMORE........instant re-post

    The history behind this special 13 minute version of Dion’s ABRAHAM, MARTIN AND JOHN.

    We don’t know the name of the college student who sliced and diced and put this together.  We DO know he was working the all night shift at the University of Wisconsin FM radio station and he apparently wanted to put something nice together so he could run errands or hit the john  or name it.  Maybe a girl visiting?  Possibly studies too.
    Someone from the Madison campus sent a taped copy to our Milwaukee radio station or to me...I don’t remember.  I played it immediately..because it was good and so well done.
    There was an add on by the Rightous Brothers which I elected to dump out as it was a bit anti-climatic after the main song.
    So sit back and relax...sip some wine or a beer and smoke em if ya gottem.  Say a toast to our unnamed college friend for such a good job.

click below

So who's Cruz? an take a trip to ICELAND...seriously...just click way below for great pics!

  ....So Ted Cruz thinks it’s time to give his ilk equal time in the White House?
     Actually he’s got one great idea which he will find impossible to achieve.....getting rid of the IRS.                                                                                    

     I’ve had any number of excellent anti  IRS guests on my talk shows for years and where are they now?  They’re gone.....And the IRS is bigger and worse than ever.
     Cruz can’t change’s embedded in Washington like half a dozen other departments that hire and have power over us to remain constant in a inconstant government.
     It’s like I’ve always said...makes NO difference who wins...everything changes but everything stays the same.  Did Reagan or Nixon really get anything done about that?  Nope.
     So...don’t waste time ain’t worth the gas.

    Wanna go to Iceland for your vacation?

I like these kind of “oddball” discoveries of where to go.  You might not want to actually go there...but the pic and photos are always great!  (Maybe they are the real vacations...not the real trip)
    So check Iceland out...just for fun:

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Number 97. Welcome to SRI LANKA

Gayathri Dias...Sri Lanka actress!

            Welcome...Nation 97.....SRI LANKA !

    JUST CROSSED 79,700  VIEWS...
    .....Nearly 1070 POSTS

Countries around the world now viewing this blog:
                                           Now  97!
(random order)
United Kingdom(England)
South Korea
Czech Republic
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New Zealand
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Dominican Republic
Hong Kong
U.S. Virgin Islands
United Arab Emirate
Saudi Arabia
Costa Rica
Papua New Guinea
Turks & Caicos
Sri Lanka (97)

If your nation was not mentioned please email the info:

Thinking of BALTIMORE!

 click here and relax for 13 minutes of history!

Monday, April 27, 2015

a girl who "serviced" the German SS !

maybe she looked like this
like where I slept at border


        Few get a transfer in the Army.  That is just plain fact.  At least not often that's for sure!    
     I did...but it took magic.
    I worked directly under a guy why would process any transfer requests...and kill them!  But I became friendly with one desk jockey who told me how to beat the system.
    He said it depends on the strength of the unit...not only where we were but also at AFN Germany in Frankfurt...the network equivalent of CBS or NBC for the armed forces.
    If we were over-strength, he said, and AFN was could not block the transfer request.   However...he said the Colonel who ruled us all would likely “sit” on the request until we lost some men...or until AFN got some.  Then he could cancel it.
    He recommended that I volunteer for some extra duty to catch the big boss’s attention so I offered to be a courier to 7th Army Headquarters.  
    Now I must digress once again here because this was really an example when my “angel” took a hand in stopping me from starting World War III.
    I took the top secret pouch and headed for the train from Nuremberg to Stuttgart, Germany.  Things went quickly... so after dropping the pouch off I decided to check for a little “action” in Stuttgart.  It wasn’t long when another GI and I were chatting... I noticed a pretty good looking girl was taking an interest.  We introduced ourselves and the three of us window shopped and then offered to buy her a drink.  She replied...”Why not just get a room?”
   We did...and that’s the way things happen in Europe. She wasn't a hooker....but her story was fascinating.
    She said she had “serviced” the German SS officers during the last part of the war...and actually...she missed it!  
Weird to us but the way things were in in 43-44...I could understand.  She told us she was working with a group of about 20-30 young girls and that was what they did.  Probably the only way they survived.
How I almost ended up in a Czech prison camp!
    It was still not that late so I checked out of the hotel and caught the last train back to Nuremberg...figuring I could sleep on the way.  I told the conductor to wake me before we got to Nuremberg and I’m sure he understood.
    I only woke up when I noticed the train had not moved for sometime.  
  A big  burly guy in a long green coat holding a rifle was standing over me. I looked around at the empty coach and said “Nuremberg?” and he laughed.

"I AM NOT A SPY"....or How I might have started World War III...or at least ended up in a "Czech" prison as trade bait for a real spy.
   The train had reached the border of Communist Czechoslovakia.
Now I must remind you I was in uniform...which probably saved a lot of trouble for me.  American military personnel are not allowed within about ten clicks of any border...but here I was ready to get off the train and step into a cold war nightmare. 
But this fellow was a fellow "well met" and he joked that I needed some coffee so we went into the small border station where I shook hands all around and said hello to several other border guards before having my hot cup of Czecho coffee.  
It seemed the conductor forgot to wake me when we stopped at Nuremberg (probably on purpose...a left over unhappy German.)  The guard spoke excellent English and said I would have to wait for a few hours for the first train going toward Nuremberg and suggested I go back to the rail car I had been in and get some rest. He assured me they would wake me in time fore the train.   Which they did.
I thanked them for treating me well and waved goodbye and never mentioned all this to anyone.  Are you kidding..with my transfer about to be finalized!  
I did hear about something much crazier than this happening...which was kept quite for years.  Rumor had it that an American infantry officer mistakenly led his battalion across the border and into communist territory but soon realized his mistake and got the troops back before they were discovered!  And no one ever got the goods on that for the New York Times.

The Miami Marlins new HERO....&...ICHIRO'S BIG DAY.....

Now seen in 96 Nations....nearly 80,000 views!

....This was a great day for Ichiro...a good day for the Miami Marlins and a lot of fun was had by all.
Be sure to read about the celebration after this AP report.

    Associated Press

    MIAMI -- Marlins outfielder Ichiro Suzuki has broken a Japanese record for runs set by slugger Sadaharu Oh.

    Suzuki scored on Adeiny Hechavarria's home run Saturday to help the Marlins beat the Washington Nationals 8-0. The run gave Suzuki 1,968 in the major leagues (1,310) and Japan (658), surpassing Oh's record for a Japanese player.

    Suzuki received a big ovation from the crowd and a jubilant greeting from his teammates when he scored the record-breaking run.

Me again.
    Actually that wasn’t the half of it.

    When he returned to his left field position...the announcement was made to the crowd....which then  rose to applaud Ichiro.  He doffed his cap several times and then the game resumed.

    After the game...the Marlins had to home plate dug up...and it was presented to Ichiro in the clubhouse with all the players surrounding him. 
    Quite a clubhouse moment and quite a guy!




....It was a fitful night again.  Lots of them lately...don’t know why.
    I heard a slight rustling the bedroom and slowly opened my eyes getting used to the dark.
There was a ghostly body sitting on the chair near my bed...feet propped up and a cowboy hat tilted back on his head.

    “Oh my God” I exclaimed in disbelief,
         “James Dean?”
    “Yep.” the ghost replied.

    I sat up in utter shock.
    “You know you were my hero when I came back from the Army....but you weren’t around anymore”

    Dean chuckled... that famous grin spreading over his face.
    “Yeh...boy howdy... I did go kinda quick!” 
    I don't know if he meant in life or fast in his famous Porsche Speedster.
    He continued, 

“we read your blog you know.”
That floored me.
“You mean you guys “up there” can read the blog stuff I write?”
“ I wanted to drop in and thank you for the nice stuff you’ve been writing about me.  Nice to be remembered!”
and with the he rose and disappeared into the shadows of the night.
    I didn’t even  have a chance to tell him how famous he still was after all these years.
Maybe next time.
    Wow...the James Dean.
It wasn’t easy getting back to sleep.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shoot your computer! My power cost is way DOWN...and some dumb tv ads!

This was who HAL was fighting for!  THE QUEEN OF JORDAN
Isn't she pretty?
Isn't he cute!
Some bits and pieces.....
    ....I love that story about the guy shooting his computer out!
    Lot’s of things make us frustrated when they don’t work why not blast away at em!
    I sure could have used something to blast away at my car when it quit(for good)

    Some good news on the “power” front.  I’m talking FPL our power outfit here and not GC Stanton of the Marlins. (Marlins turned it around and have won FIVE straight!)
    The FPL has an ad on tv bragging about reducing your bill and they have made progress on upgrades etc but we haven’t had a hurricane hit us since I don’t remember when.
    HOWEVER the ad agency has a guy opening his bill and there's a note off his head that says saved...$3 lower!
    My bills are coming in about three times that or maybe up to $30 a month or more lower than past years.
I’m usually headed for three digits this time of year but the latest is just $68 so they have been doing something right. Thanks FPL...and get rid of that ad!

    Speaking of tv ads.....two are bugging the heck out of me.
    First is the guy in the red Toyota Camry and the special parking place.  Enough already.
    The second is that really stupid Lexus commercial where the neighbor has to come and stop a nice looking woman’s faucet from leaking all over the place.’ve seen it.  Guy gets caught by the husband and so he runs out to his new Lexus to make his getaway.
    They really think we are just plain dumb don’t they.
    Don't buy either car...that will shut em up!

skateboarder girls of KABUL ! You read it right.....the pics are great too!

    Meet The Inspirational, Adorable And Utterly Badass Skater Girls Of KabulThey skate. They fall. They jump right back up again. These are skater girls of Kabul, ages five through 25, who partake in one of the most exhilarating, and often dangerous, sports in the world -- in a country where they're not allowed on bicycles.

    These young women learned their skills at Skateistan, a school run by a German non-profit that teaches skateboarding to children in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa, 40 percent of whom are young women. In Afghanistan, where 60 percent of the organization's students come from impoverished backgrounds, this opportunity is particularly precious, providing for many kids what is their only opportunity to play.

From the moment photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson heard of this rousing means of female empowerment, she was hooked. "I was reading a newspaper late in 2012 when I stumbled across a small piece about girls skateboarding in Kabul," Fulford-Dobson explained in an email to The Huffington Post.
"The article was so short that I nearly missed it. The very idea of Afghan girls on skateboards captured my imagination and I thought it was a shame that such a visually striking story was compressed into a small column of text. We only seem to hear bleak news from Afghanistan, so it was really refreshing to read something so different and uplifting. I knew immediately that the Skate Girls of Kabul would be the perfect subject for me as a photographer," she told HuffPost. "I specialize in portraiture, particularly of children, and here was an opportunity to photograph young girls doing something exceptional in a beautiful, albeit war-torn, country."
The photographer reached out to Skateistan's founder, Oliver Percovich, who agreed to grant her permission into the Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif schools. Fulford-Dobson chose to work simply, without artificial lighting, letting the young women's personalities and natural expressions shine through the images. Some skaters hug their boards adoringly, others strike a rugged pose, while many prefer to be captured in motion, soaring through the skate park with what looks like pure joy.
"I met so many impressive women and girls in Afghanistan," Fulford-Dobson told Saatchi Gallery. "A teacher as tough and determined as any man; young Afghans in their early twenties who were volunteering at an orphanage and were passionate about being seen as strong and willing to fight for themselves, rather than as victims of circumstance; and girls who were being educated to be leaders in their communities and who were already thinking carefully about their own and their country's future. And of course there were the young skate girls, so fun to be around and so totally unspoilt."
In terms of Skateistan's greater vision, skateboarding is just the beginning. The organization hopes to provide their students, many of whom are streetworking children and youth with disabilities, with the skills in leadership, responsibility, creativity and strength to create social change. The students themselves decide what they want to learn -- Skateistan connects them with a safe space and opportunities for them to develop the skills that they consider important.
In the meantime, watching the girls skate is absolutely mesmerizing. "They hurl themselves forward with unstoppable courage, and if they take a tumble they bounce right up again, running back to the queue and cheering on their friends," the artist told Hyperallergic. "Life for these skate girls is undeniably different in so many ways to that of their Western counterparts, but it’s also touchingly, heartbreakingly and amusingly the same."

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Better make a copy of's a pretty good list!


      I love widescreen movies!  
I don’t mean “matted” screen...I mean REAL widescreen flicks or letterbox...mostly on TCM...occasionally on Max or Showtime.
Now with HD being paramount...they don’t run them often.
If I actually buy a dvd and it says widescreen but turns out to be matted I am really pissed. I have to be careful because it generally says “widescreen” but isn’t.
Murphy’s Romance was like that...but that flick is so good and Garner and Field are so good I didn’t mind.  A lot of folks don’t like Sally Field but you just could not dislike her in that movie.  Garner was a bit “grumpy” for my tastes but I accepted that as part of his demeanor. Sally’s pic on the cover of the dvd is “hot” and I mean hot.
Your response to my personal music list has opened up the possibility of me “publishing” a long list (I have a lot of em) of my favorite movies that you may or may not agree with.
So...hang onto your seat and fill your we go.
These are not in any special order:
THE DAY OF THE JACKAL...the original with Edward Fox (scary sob)
AVANTI....Jack Lemmon (Billy Wilder)
FLAWLESS....Demi Moore & Michael Caine. Stealing diamonds. 
FFOLKES...Roger Moore & Anthony Perkins(he’s scarier in this than in Psycho! And Moore loves do I!)
THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT....Annette Bening & Michael Douglas. (Ignore the left wing script...enjoy the Prez getting laid)
3 DAYS OF THE CONDOR.....Robert Redford
MOON OVER PARADOR....Richard Dreyfuss
THE GOOD THIEF....Nick Nolte (outstanding...except matted...not letterbox even with “widescreen” and full screen choices.
GIANT.....James Dean is just too much on the screen for Liz and Rock! 
EMPIRE RECORDS...but only because Liv Tyler runs around in short plaid and even removes it for us! Wow! Otherwise this sucks.
OCEAN’S 11 (THE ORIGINAL)...Takes me back to my days in Vegas in this era.  Angie Dickinson was cool & HOT!
BOTTLESHOCK...Alan Rickman....makes you thirsty as hell!
THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR...Steve McQueen & Faye Dunaway.  The music is great too...but the heist is better!
THE RUSSIA HOUSE....Sean Connery & Michelle Pfeiffer.  Great twists...fine music and letterbox best!  Thank you Russia for the beautiful locales.
MAROONED...Gregory Peck.  The original “Lost In Space” epic,another great “letterbox” flick.  Don’t miss the scene where the cop...who just stopped Peck for speeding, gets a call on his police radio from the President!
RONIN...Robert De Niro and Jean Reno(steals the show) and letterbox on the Riviera! Wow.
WAG THE DOG...Another DeNiro film with a script right out of the Clintonian era.
COMING TO AMERICA...Eddie Murphy.  Not a big fan of his but this is a fun flick.
VANISHING POINT (original)...Barry Newman.  Two sides one for U.S. and other for U.K.?  Says “widescreen” but ain’t...but on the U.S. side the great outdoor scenery looks pretty good matted.
ABSOLUTE POWER....Clint Eastwood. Nasty folks in DC. Judy Davis is too much!
STRIPTEASE....Demi Moore (as you’ve never seen her before or again).  Awful flick but how can you not love that body!
CITY OF ANGELS....Meg Ryan.  C’mon Meg....a heart specialist? But she did a good job pretending and I still have a crush on her. Hated the ending...awful. Great music!
THE EAGLE HAS LANDED....Michael Caine & Robert Duvall.
ARTHUR.....Dudley Moore.  Whole cast is great along with script etc.
JFK....Kevin Costner (Oliver Stone).  See my posts on Jim Garrison and Jim Marrs, author.
CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR.....Tom Hanks.  I collected $ for them before Wilson even knew them!
1776....William Daniels and Howard Da Silva
ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN....Dustin Hoffman & Robert Redford.  The retelling of the media coup d’etat that changed our history. 
SIX DAYS AND SEVEN NIGHTS....Harrison Ford & Anne Hech. Fun and real letterbox for the island scenery. 
TO CATCH A THIEF....Grace Kelly & Cary Grant on the Riviera! Sad to say it says “widescreen” but it’s not letterbox.
GOOD ADVICE....Charlie Sheen & Angie Harmon.  I got a kick out of this one and I’ve had the hots for Angie for years!
DAVE....Kevin Klien & Sigourney Weaver
CHANCES ARE....Robert Downey, Jr.& Cybill Shepherd (she’s still looking fine here!)
THE LAST OF THE DOGMEN....Tom Berenger & Barbara Hershey.  Great letterbox here....but Barbara looks good any old way.
VOLCANO...Tommy Lee Jones & Anne Heche.  “The Coast Is Toast”...logo beats anything Mad Men could come up with.
GETTYSBURG....Martin Sheen & Jeff Daniels.  Great epic.
MAD MONEY....Diane Keaton & Katie Holmes.  How can you go wrong with a scene where Katie is stuffing bills in her panties! Right guys?
SPEECHLESS.....Geena Davis (at her most beautiful) and Michael Keaton.  Not a great script but the two play well off each other. Stupid ending though.
THE STALKING MOON....Gregory Peck & Eva Marie Saint. Excellent dramatic fare without one crashing “car”...but the chase is scary as hell and the Indian Chief trying to rescue his son is rarely seen which makes it more suspenseful.  This is real letterbox and shot outdoors mostly so enjoy.
DER TUNNEL (German)Nicolette Krebitz & Heino Ferch.  Bunch of E. Berliners dig their way out.  Great, Great, Great flick!  Nicolette is more than "hot".  Don't miss their dancing scene.
WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING....Sandra Bullock & Bill Pullman. Love ya Sandy!  Chicago scenes as usual are great.
MIDWAY....Charlton Heston & Henry Fonda. This “widescreen” is really “letterbox” so enjoy the action.
KISS THE GIRLS....Morgan Freeman & Ashley Judd(hot)  
KELLY’S HEROS....Clint Eastwood & Telly Savalas.  Get the gold guys!...letterbox too!
COPYCAT....Sigourney Weaver & Holly Hunter.  Don’t watch this (letterbox) with the lights off!
TORA TORA TORA....Epic on the attack at Pearl Harbor....and letterbox too boot!
CONTINENTAL DIVIDE....John Belushi & Blair Brown.  Matted but acceptable with the great scenery.  Belushi at his best...Brown at her prettiest.
STARMAN....Jeff Bridges & Karen Allen.  One of my all time favorites and true “letterbox”. Why no sequel?  He left her with a baby.  I want to know what happened to the alien baby!
FRENCH KISS...Meg Ryan & Kevin Kline.  My Meg favorite here...and I know you’ll pick Sleepless or Mail...but this is the one for me.  Probably because I love France so much. True letterbox too.
BLACK WIDOW....Debra Winger & Theresa Russell (as the widow) Man she is bad!
DEEP IMPACT....Morgan Freeman as the Prez.  Love the way the FBI kidnaps a member  of the press right off the highway and dumps her in the White House basement for the Prez. One wonders if Nixon’s group could have done the same for those Washington Post guys.
THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER....Alec Baldwin & Sean Connery. Real “letterbox” in this one.  Very suspense filled from start to finish.
LOVE ACTUALLY.....Hugh Grant & Keira Knightley (yep I had to mention her, right)  Some great songs here and some miscasting but it all works out in the end.  Grant as PM is akin to Ryan as a heart doc!
But enjoy’s fun. KK is hot and London in letterbox is good too.
LIVE FROM BAGHDAD...or how CNN conquered the world. Michael Keaton & Helen Bonham Carter (before becoming a Queen.) Having been in Nam for NBC News I could relate a bunch to this script and two guys I know well were written in...Bernie Shaw and Peter Arnett because they were there when the bombs fell. 
MISS CONGENIALITY...Sandra Bullock & Michael Caine
THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL....Peck, Olivier & James Mason.
could that have really happened?  Is there a DNA Hitler among us today?
NOTTING HILL....Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant.  My favorite JR flick.  Letterbox too!
WARGAMES....Matthew Broderick & Ally Sheedy(yummy)
ENEMY OF THE STATE...Will Smith & Gene Hackman. Letterbox.  On the set of Bad Boys ll (I was an extra) I wanted to ask Smith about this film but it was a no-no to talk to superstar!
ARGO....Ben is good and the plot great. Best pic
ZERO DARK THIRTY....catching & killing Bin Laden. Best pic

That’s it for list ONE.  Oh can expect another soon...and still another Stan's list of my favorite movie songs!