Wednesday, April 29, 2015

So who's Cruz? an take a trip to ICELAND...seriously...just click way below for great pics!

  ....So Ted Cruz thinks it’s time to give his ilk equal time in the White House?
     Actually he’s got one great idea which he will find impossible to achieve.....getting rid of the IRS.                                                                                    

     I’ve had any number of excellent anti  IRS guests on my talk shows for years and where are they now?  They’re gone.....And the IRS is bigger and worse than ever.
     Cruz can’t change’s embedded in Washington like half a dozen other departments that hire and have power over us to remain constant in a inconstant government.
     It’s like I’ve always said...makes NO difference who wins...everything changes but everything stays the same.  Did Reagan or Nixon really get anything done about that?  Nope.
     So...don’t waste time ain’t worth the gas.

    Wanna go to Iceland for your vacation?

I like these kind of “oddball” discoveries of where to go.  You might not want to actually go there...but the pic and photos are always great!  (Maybe they are the real vacations...not the real trip)
    So check Iceland out...just for fun:

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