Thursday, April 30, 2015

Embarrassed ...Hal's worst!'ll see.

We’ve all been embarrassed at one time or another...
I’ve asked our friend Hal to select his personal favorite.

    “I know what you mean. Even as unrestrained as I am in making contact with people, there have been times that, for some reason I might act or come across like a goof.
    I was sitting in a bar/restaurant in Italy when I made casual eye contact with a more than decent looking lady. As time went on, our eyes crossed paths a couple of times more.
    Knowing no one in the city (was just passing thru), I asked the bartender what he knew about "her".
    He quietly got the point across that she was an American who had family members living there and she frequently visited the area for weeks at a time. She was divorced and wasn't there looking to hook up.
Since I was there under the same "not looking to hook up circumstances" never cheating on the Mrs., I walked over and started talking to her.
    At first she remained seated with her back to me, never acknowledging my presence. I plainly stated that I wasn't hitting on her, but merely wanted to talk to a fellow American.
Still, no response.
    I just stood there confused when she suddenly turned around and was startled by my presence so close to her (maybe 2 to 3 feet). She let out the most god awful, blood curdling scream, got up from her seat and, holding a hand over her heart, staggered away and out the front door.
    At the scream, the bartender came running back out to the bar. After being assured by some of the locals that I had been a gentleman, he realized what had happened.
Quietly, he apologized and said he should have told me .....she was deaf!
    The incident scared the living hell outta me.
I went back to the hotel, barely slept any that night, and was happy as hell to get back on the plane the next morning.”

thanks pal Hal.  Quite a story. 
    One way or another we’ve all been there.

Now...this is gonna be fun. Click below and you will go to a page where EVERY PASSPORT in the world appears.
That’s what I said. go ahead.try to find yours.

click below:

P.S. I lost my passport in Monte Carlo one time.  Always wondered who the other  Stan Major is... somewhere!

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