Saturday, April 4, 2015

this is an INSTANT RE-POST!......... Dedicated to the WOLF & Maya(whoever and wherever she is!)

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....I’m going to have to be very careful in writing this post.
    It has to do with the CIA and the changes recently announced...and possible changes not announced.
    So the Wolf takes the fall for the torture crap that saved lives around the world.
    This is Obama’s decision.
    Obama is a simple man.  He is by far in my opinion the worst President in my history...starting with FDR and Truman. But he is smart enough to start distancing himself from the post 9-11 action.  He worries it will end up in papers and books lining the shelves in his eventual Presidential Library. It will be part of his history. 

    He DID give the order (finally) to attack that house and get bin Laden...I'll give him points for that.  The Wolf and others pushed it to get done.

    The firing of the Wolf is no surprise from someone as dense as Obama.
    But I still wonder about “Maya”  (girl in the movie Zero Dark 30) who stalked and caught bin Laden.
    I’ve ask the question in post after she still at CIA.  Is she hunting Isis just as she went after bin Laden ordered to by the Wolf to go full throttle into the maze of the middleast mess.
    Or did this “Maya” quit the Agency in a huff after some un-friends were “honored” by that Agency for the bin Laden victory.  Rumor was she was really pissed about that charging that some of those “honored” actually stood in the way of that crowning achievement.
    Since no one has come up with any kind of answer to the simple question “is she still there?” one is lead to believe she is.
    However if Obama in his “holier than those guys” guise ordered her canned along with the should eventually come out despite all the laws about keeping secrets the CIA could lay on her.
     so...if the two people the Wolf and Maya responsible for the single greatest spy/military victory since Normandy have gotten the heave ho they should not fret about Obama doing it.  After all...his policies have been so etc,  I need not go on.
Forget the Isis threat.

I just hope and pray we can survive Obama before his term ends.

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