Friday, April 3, 2015

A Princess shops in Cannes

Shopping in Cannes

    ....The Princess stiffing the London Hotel for a 7 million dollar bill reminded me of a couple of things in my past.
    My wife and I were shopping on that lovely street behind the fancy beach front hotels in Cannes, France.
    We were in a nice shop looking around and suddenly the store manager moved toward the shoppers and requested the we all leave.
    As were were stunned by this we stood outside to see what was going on and a lovely young girl with a huge entourage of about twenty followers entered the shop and basically took over the place with some not to friendly security types watching by the door to make sure all was well.
    The word then spread that the girl was a Saudi Princess and  the shops along this street were used to kicking the normal folks out and turning their shop over to the “royals”.
    Who could blame could only guess how much money was made with those brief visits!
    On hotels...we stayed at a new hotel at a new resort in the Dominican Republic and enjoyed a nice dinner with wine and dessert.  I proceeded to request our bill and we waited...and waited ...and waited. 
I spoke to the maitre d’ but still we couldn’t find our waiter nor get the bill.
    Finally I said to my wife “I know one sure way to get the bill. Let’s get up and slowly walk out.  They will show up fast!”
    We did...but believe it or not...nobody paid the slightest attention.
    We went to our room...and joked about the situation and we are still waiting to this day for that dinner check!

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