Monday, April 6, 2015

Attention truckers in Texas

Sweet Selena

    Be on the lookout for a Selena Gomez type girl sneaking in.
    Ask her if she’d like to live in Miami!

    Here’s the story from the border.

    "I believe Tuesday (March) 31st, we had a group of seven immigrants which is quite a few illegal immigrants to be hiding in the back of some of these air dams. We've seen another four cases since then here at this checkpoint," said Officer Zamora.

    Zamora explained they're starting to average two to three of the cases every day.

    The agency has cameras placed several feet off the ground to help detect any illegal activity in an effort to combat the problem.

    Zamora believes the majority of immigrants are camped out at local area trucks stops waiting for an unsuspecting truck driver.

    "In many cases (truck drivers) may not know anything about it, but what they can do and what we’re asking them to do is check. It will only take a couple minutes," Zamora said.

    Border Patrol and the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office are requesting truck drivers check the air flow vents for people hiding inside.

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