Friday, April 24, 2015

Two things could happen shortly! Stay tuned.

CIA Prisons
     ....Waiting for two things to happen shortly.    
first...Kate Middleton giving birth to a brand new baby ______(fill in for yourself...I’m hoping “girl”.)

    Second...NBC announcing Brian William’s suspension ends....he returns to anchor desk MONDAY.
    We’ll see. and will someone in charge of the damn NBC  News Washington Bureau tell staffers there to shut the f----k up!
    They’ll need to clean house there after Williams reports for duty.

    Our fearless leader(?) decided to fire the best spies at the CIA...The “WOLF” and some others.
Probably the gal that stalked and got Bin Laden killed too.  She was called “Maya” in the movie Zero Dark Thirty.
    So now ISIS basically has free reign to move into any area he wants.  there’s no real talent left  to stop him!
    Obama would have fired Ike the day before Normandy probably...he’s real smart!   

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