Wednesday, April 29, 2015

LOVE BALTIMORE........instant re-post

    The history behind this special 13 minute version of Dion’s ABRAHAM, MARTIN AND JOHN.

    We don’t know the name of the college student who sliced and diced and put this together.  We DO know he was working the all night shift at the University of Wisconsin FM radio station and he apparently wanted to put something nice together so he could run errands or hit the john  or name it.  Maybe a girl visiting?  Possibly studies too.
    Someone from the Madison campus sent a taped copy to our Milwaukee radio station or to me...I don’t remember.  I played it immediately..because it was good and so well done.
    There was an add on by the Rightous Brothers which I elected to dump out as it was a bit anti-climatic after the main song.
    So sit back and relax...sip some wine or a beer and smoke em if ya gottem.  Say a toast to our unnamed college friend for such a good job.

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