Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rand Paul attacks Savannah on TODAY. Tell him to "stick it where the moon don't shine" Savannah!

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    Rand Paul's live 'Today' interview gets very tense
    “The presidential hopeful spoke with Savannah Guthrie, and he bluntly told her he didn't like the interview.”

        Hey Savannah!  Tell his majesty to “stick it up his ass!”

    Remember what I said about interviewing Averell Harriman, so full of his own bullshit he couldn’t talk straight!
    Well...Savanna..looks like Paul’s been taking Harriman lessons.

    The hell with him...he keeps doing that he won’t even make it to convention!


Speaking of Rand Paul and his it all is...sponsored in part by Matt Drudge (probably)


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