Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kate in London is almost ready...Katie in Hollywood's ad is wrong & The Marlins finally win one!

95 Nations....Now...79,000 views!  Thanks world!
Katie stuffing money into her cute panties!
  THIS JUST IN...THE MIAMI MARLINS FINALLY WON A GAME...6-1 OVER THE PHILS.                                                                                                              ....Well the Royal Baby birth watch is on.  Prince William took leave from running the army to hang around the hospital and wait and see.
    A girl this time...or another boy?
    I hope it’s a girl.
    Boy will she be a knockout! 
    Right Pippa?

   ....I loved Katie Holmes in Mad Money.
     I saw her new Oil of Olay ad...putting the stuff on her face etc...but the end shot was just not right.
    They had her getting out of a fancy black limo in a red dress.
    Now I can’t think of anything that is so NOT Katie that.
    Do you agree?
    If I was the director I would have had her in a short skirt (not red)...climbing out of her own jeep!

    After all the hoopla surrounding the Miami Marlins signing Giancarlo Stanton to a billion dollar contract for lifetime...and then obeying Stanton’s edict to get some players that will insure a World Series for them this year...guess what’s
    They are off to the worst start in their history...or close to it!
    Oh well...that’s baseball!

    Many years ago when I was in what they call now “middle school” I was a pretty good basketball player.
    Then when I went on to high school they ask me to come back and officiate some games with the middle school teams.
    I did that and really enjoyed it.
    I could have made a profession out of the that...but radio got in the way.  Oh well.

    Let’s get away from it all...but where?
    This looks pretty good to me:

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