Thursday, April 9, 2015

Toyko with a new room mate...CIA!

The GINZA Tokyo

      .....Returning home to the U.S. this first time was challenging in a few ways.
     First, the plane from Hong Kong to Tokyo was late so the airline had to put us up overnight.
      My "roommate" turned out to be a CIA guy from Saigon...and down at the desk when we were paired for a room he was speaking fluent Japanese!  
    The desk clerk was most impressed and after we had been in the room a bit the phone rang and he answered (in the local language) and had a brief conversation.  He said that was the hotel manager who has invited us to see the sights at his expense!  He went on to explain that he had been in Tokyo on General MacArthur's staff and he'd mentioned that to the desk clerk. 
    So instead of sleep we spent the next few hours sampling night life in the Ginza.  That is one "fun" city!

    Next morning the flight to San Francisco awaited...but my roomy had a problem.  Actually we all had a problem as there was a general airline strike in the United States and so no connection flights were available.  

    The CIA guy had an important meeting in Washington D.C. but couldn't get there.  He ended up re-booking his trip back this way:
                       Tokyo direct to Madrid, Spain
                        Madrid to Washington D.C.
    That took care of his meeting problem although he said he would be a little late!
     As for myself..I had already determined my agenda.  Upon arrival in San Francisco I would rent a car and drive to Las Vegas.  I looked forward to to drive out west with the mountains and re-boots my mind and body.
      I got a room at the Desert Inn (Howard Hughes had the penthouse) and while playing the slots I overheard a VERY familiar voice playing on the next row (which I couldn't see).  But I didn't need to see the gentlemen...(and I never did as he moved out quickly)  It was the "Darth Vadar" James Earl Jones (voice only)...commenting to a companion while dropping his quarters in a slot that he had never played slots before.  With Jones...the voice is a sure fire giveaway.
      Another "give away" voice was that of Julia Roberts...whom my son Chris and I passed in the downstairs cafeteria at the Dolphin Hotel at Disneyworld.  But that story comes later.

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