Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shoot your computer! My power cost is way DOWN...and some dumb tv ads!

This was who HAL was fighting for!  THE QUEEN OF JORDAN
Isn't she pretty?
Isn't he cute!
Some bits and pieces.....
    ....I love that story about the guy shooting his computer out!
    Lot’s of things make us frustrated when they don’t work why not blast away at em!
    I sure could have used something to blast away at my car when it quit(for good)

    Some good news on the “power” front.  I’m talking FPL our power outfit here and not GC Stanton of the Marlins. (Marlins turned it around and have won FIVE straight!)
    The FPL has an ad on tv bragging about reducing your bill and they have made progress on upgrades etc but we haven’t had a hurricane hit us since I don’t remember when.
    HOWEVER the ad agency has a guy opening his bill and there's a note off his head that says saved...$3 lower!
    My bills are coming in about three times that or maybe up to $30 a month or more lower than past years.
I’m usually headed for three digits this time of year but the latest is just $68 so they have been doing something right. Thanks FPL...and get rid of that ad!

    Speaking of tv ads.....two are bugging the heck out of me.
    First is the guy in the red Toyota Camry and the special parking place.  Enough already.
    The second is that really stupid Lexus commercial where the neighbor has to come and stop a nice looking woman’s faucet from leaking all over the place.’ve seen it.  Guy gets caught by the husband and so he runs out to his new Lexus to make his getaway.
    They really think we are just plain dumb don’t they.
    Don't buy either car...that will shut em up!

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