Friday, April 24, 2015

So fire your best peoople....& wonder why you're losing wars!


    “Obama took office vowing to end America’s wars. Now we’re in at least five, and U.S. officials are unsure what to do about it.”  Quoting Politico.

    Well...he thinks the smart thing to do is just ignore it...and it will go away.
    ...but first be sure you fire or get rid of your very best talent in the the “Wolf” who along with the mysterious woman named “Maya” in the dramatic flick Zero Dark Thirty....are responsible for finding and killing Bin Laden.  So being really smart he fired them and a bunch of others.
    Maybe he should start firing Generals too...then he won’t be bothered by them.
    I don’t feel a thing for Obama. He’s a lightweight out of the Illinois Senate who spent his time fixing speeding tickets for his friends.  Most of you voted for him because of the color of his skin...that’s right.  I  have nerve enough to say it when no one else will.
    Biden would not have taken the axe to the CIA...he knows better.  But he’s not President.  I can’t keep track of the impeachable offenses Obama has  perpetrated on America.  

( can you say immigration?) but you don’t impeach sitting Presidents who are Democrats.  (See Monica’s buddy) Or at least the media doesn’t.  They save that for the Republicans.
The only thing that bothers me more than all the above is the scary thought of Hillary running all the military stuff! ugh.
    You want to read more on Obama being a great “Commander in Chief”? 
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