Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NBC News will RETAIN Brian Williams....he'll be back soon!

95 Nations...79,000 views!

    ...Look for BRIAN WILLIAM’S return to the anchor desk!

    Possibly as early as next Monday.
    The history of NBC News (and my 2 years experience with them) shows that they do appreciate hard working loyalty and one would expect to reward Williams for his...not fire him for it.
    In short...I can’t recall any NBC News staffer ever  having his or her leash cut who has done their duty and accomplished good things for them.
    They will say he shouldn’t have exaggerated things but they won’t chop his or their own ratings off because of it.’
He’ll return...life will go on.

Stan Major
NBC News Vietnam Correspondent 1969-70
Chicago news producer 1969


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