Thursday, April 30, 2015

The ghosts of Huntley & Brinkley appear & best economical cars to drive

Brinkley, Huntley, Cronkite & Smith

The ghosts of Huntley-Brinkley visited me!

“Chet Huntley, NBC News New York.....and David Brinkley NBC News Washington!”
    "Wow...hey guys...David good to see you again.          Chet...nice to meet you, finally."
    "I’ll bet I know why you’re here!"
“That’s right, Stan” David replied.  But Chet and I don’t agree on the Brian Williams thing”
    “Right David” replied Chet.
“I say put him back in the anchor’s chair and the faster the better” argued David.
“You can’t do that...the guy basically lied about a whole bunch of stuff...and don’t you love that word they devised to not say what it really was?
    “Embellishment”? I asked.
    “That’s it...added Chet...a lot of em!"
“Who cares” said David.  “The whole news image for NBC  is going down the drain...over really nothing.  Put  him back to work...get those top ratings and all will be forgiven and forgotten in a month!”
    I saw some movement so I jumped in....
“Hey guys before you leave can you do me a big favor?
    They paused...
Can you do your regular sign on just one last time for us?
    “Sure” said my friend David.
There was a slight pause...then:

    And with that they were gone.
Chills...I had chills!

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