Sunday, April 19, 2015

who has the "safest" gizzmos in their new cars?

                                                                                                                                              repost you’re going to buy that new car.’s 
about time, huh?

Now...what are you looking for?  Can it be the exterior (my choice)...or the interior with all it’s new and fancy gizmos! better look carefully...the latest research is not happy with the car folks putting all those new “distractions” in to sell you that car.
The survey said...two new car models seemed to handle it best...and they were...
      (you guessed it): Toyota and Hyundai!  
The research didn’t say much positive stuff about any of it but just said those two car makers handled it with “less problems” and that’s about it. 
On the negative side...Mercedes and Chevy didn’t come out too well...and...they added...this stuff is’s not going away.  It’s just hoped that they keep it under control.
This takes me back to a couple of “not so fond” memories in the history of car manufacturing.
A guy named Lee Iacocca took over Chrysler and his new convertible Le Baron had a voice system and I’ll never forget hearing “A DOOR IS A JAR” which made for jokes for all.
Then...there was the terrible Ralph Nadar forced idea...backed by the government that seat belts were in all cars and your engine would not start until you buckled. Remember that fiasco?
Here’s more on the voice activated stuff if you are interested:

just remember
“a door is a jar!”

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