Friday, April 17, 2015

Kate's sis runs...Meg on a tweet & Hal returns from ?????

Now 95 Nation's see this!
Views at 78,500!

....and what does Kate’s sis do while waiting for that baby royal?
    Why not!  She looks real good to me too Guys!


    Now...some bits and pieces while WE wait also.

    Selected a Meg Ryan tweet off that Pippa roundup...and am now “following” Miss Meg.   I told her I was the guy who sent her that copy of Mark Anthony’s “You Sing To Me” that she said she liked. (her assistant called to say thanks) I think it bucked her spirits up coming off that crap with the Gladiator. also gave her my blog url...said there was a bunch of stuff about her on it.  We’ll see.

    ....The teen gal who was so nice waiting for the bus the other day...carrying on a long conversation with me...never responded to the post about her kindness. I called her Wendy...but her real first name begins with an “M”.
    The three gals who never showed Christy” (real name “A”)...the Meg Ryan look alike cop in Margate Fl same...and the smashing and very friendly Kate Middleton twin in the supermarket parking lot STILL hasn’t been spotted again. But I’ll keep an eye guys in London MUST see a pic of her!

    Wish I had some good news.  Maybe soon!

    OH..there IS some good news
 ...our friend Hal is back safe and sound from his travels in those wonderful places in the middle -------! 

oh I sucks then you die.


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