Tuesday, April 21, 2015

If you win that lotto who do you hire to keep the wolves away !?

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....Every wonder where they find the guys to protect the guys with big money?
    Former Navy Seals have a good chance doing that...and making a really good living.
    But our friend Hal...who would be well qualified scoffs at that chance.  Here’s some of Hal’s thoughts on the subject.

    “Actually, keeping most big money people safe and happy isn't really as easy as it may appear. With $$ comes ego and with ego comes the "do as I say, I pay your salary" attitude from people who are used to their toadies doing everything their way without question.
    About the only high muckety-muck people who have a reputation for listening to their security people are the Saudi, Kuwaiti and similar middle eastern royalty. They know their collective butts are big targets.
    Most of the big time American politicians are real walking security hemorrhoids. Notable exceptions have been Presidents Reagan, G. H. W. Bush & G. W. Bush.
    Hell, VP Cheney was a delight to be around and protect. What most people saw was not what you got with him.
       Part of these comments are based on direct exposure to the protectees, part was from speaking to Secret Service personnel assigned to their details.”

    Thanks again, Hal!

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.....Now for the fast food news.  French Fries are going to get makeovers in several places and the first pic shows it pretty good.  I'll have some of that. 
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