Monday, April 13, 2015

Bus riding again! & listen to me broadcast AROUND THE WORLD!

    ....I’m back to riding the bus since my car’s starter gave up.
    Remember some months ago when this happened I had at least one particular young lady to tell you about...sitting on the bus bench in front of McDonald's. luck would have it...I struck gold again.
Nice looking girl..probably 2nd or 3rd year high school (the same one as before...nearby) who actually began to conversation with me! boggles the mind that that can still happen.  Most of them are so deep into those pods they could be run over by the bus and never know what hit em.
    Not Windy! 
    See...I came up with a name for you lovely.  She told me her first name and even asked mine (!) but as she exited the bus she said don’t use it.
    So that left me with a void.  You all remember “Christy” who is not really named that...the college age girl with NO Email and probably NO cell phone.  she disappeared on me and unless she does the email thing, finally, I will never know what happened.
    I always dig back into my high school history to pick a fake name and “Wendy” it was.
    I select based on some girl I really liked back then (yes I can remember) and Wendy was a doll (right Larry). My mate from Effingham High (IL) will surely remember her...darling cheerleader always dating one of our super jocks!

    Anyway...Wendy and I began discussing Mohammad Atta (normal conversation) the lead prick on the 9-11 flights.  I pointed out some local history telling Windy that Atta lived in an apartment complex just down the street (Atlantic) and there was a small library just over the intersection where were...with computers which Atta probably used to help plan that god awful attack.  She seemed interested...which again pleasantly surprised me.
    Wendy was short on quarters so I lent her a few.
    I told her about my blog read in 94 countries by 77,900  viewers and she seemed impressed (another surprise by this perky teenager).  I gave her the URL (always carry a few of these around for these kind of occasions) and that my email was at the bottom of each post.  I invited her to email me and let me know what she thought of the blog.
    So was fun...and an even friendly female bus driver got into the fun when I kidded “didn’t your Mom tell you not to talk to strangers” joke.
    Thanks Wendy.  I really enjoyed it and I hope the thousands reading this will have too. think I should tell my viewers in 94 countries that true story about the robber? 



....Back in 91 when we got rolling with radio’s FIRST live national all night talk show...I thought it would be fun to ask the owner and GM of the shortwave station WWCR to simulcast one night.
The Sun Radio network boss, Bill Wardino, who was trying for an IPO (failed) wanted to do it and said we could accept collect calls from around the world.
....For your listening is the show:

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