Thursday, April 9, 2015

Has our baseball season really started? Marlins begin season in perfect fashion.

    ....As much as I would rather not write about the Miami Marlins...I’ll put aside my disgust and let you know around the world how bad they are (so far).
They’ve played the Braves three times to open the season and they’ve got a perfect record...three losses!
    I think “cry baby” Freddi (Braves manager) has been busy stealing OUR signs this time.
    You will remember he lost some games to us last year and cried “foul” saying the Marlins had to of stolen signs because they couldn’t possible beat us fair and square.
    And to top it all off...they traded away several power guys  and the Braves were said to be entering into a “rebuilding” season. Right.  On the other hand the Marlins were headed for the World Series...almost a sure thing....because of the guys they added this year.  Right.  Even Ichiro didn’t get a base hit yet.  Stanton no homer yet.  Pitcher Latos didn’t make it out of the FIRST inning...gave up seven runs before we even came to bat (like our batting would make a difference!)
And so...the big wheel keeps on turning in our baseball  history down here.  You’d never know we won TWO...count em...TWO World Series back in the nineties.

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