Friday, April 3, 2015

Remember....Dog & Suds?

     So the Washington Redskins may have to change their name.  
        I have a suggestion.
To honor the late Joe (I see Commies behind every bush) McCarthy...just shorten it to “Reds”! 
The Washington Reds.  Has a certain flair doesn’t it?
I’m just joking folks...and away we go.....

In Illinois in the 50’ and 60’s (at least) we used to be able to go to two drive-in curb service places and they both had terrific food.
One, of course, was my all time favorite...still going strong today (but no curb service)...Steak & Shake.  See my earlier posts on that.
The other was “Dog & Suds” and it was great.  They had a sloppy joe that could not be beat and they put the same sloppy joe stuff on their fabulous hot dogs which they were famous for.  One curb service gal actually had a problem getting the tray of food on my window properly and ended up dumping the food on me in the car.  Still..I loved Dog n Suds!
I wondered if their were any Dog & Suds left and they do have a webpage.  click below:   ( no sloppy joes on the menus I saw...sad)

I put a note on their guest book that they should come down to Florida...Orlando near Disney...Tampa Bay near the beaches along with Daytona and the panhandle...and of course Ft. Lauderdale.
Admiring minds want  to know.
If Frank Sinatra carried ONLY new money...what did he do with his “dirty” money...the change from those new $100 bills???

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