Thursday, October 16, 2014

Johnny Deep's Bahamas hideaway!

"why is the rum always gone?"

.....some bits and pieces here and there

Haven’t you always wanted to have enough money to buy your own island like Johnny Deep?
Seems the really rich types really like to be left alone and if so...somewhere like paradise.’s what I’d call a marvelous photo display of many of those islands.
just click below and off you go.  Keep going and deep into the photos you’ll find Kate and Will’s honeymoon island.


Next time you crack open one of those Chinese fortune careful some kind of bug doesn’t pop out. One of the big plants making those things was cited in all kinds of bad ways about what went on before the cookie was actually made.   So...lookout.
Ha...when I was doing America’s first live all night radio show coast to coast back in the 90’s...someone out in California must have been a fan.  My name was chosen for one of the characters in the “Planet Sims”
To quote the script:
“The Diary of Stan Major”.written by Ben...
“Dear diary I live in a house in Simcity and I am looking for a job in law enforcement.” and on it goes.
Is “Planet Sims” still going.
MY son and I still prefer “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego!”


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