Tuesday, October 21, 2014

this happens only in Washington DC!


     ...I always knew the Federal Government was a good place to work.  Now you can see why.  If you have nerve...click and read this:


Mia Hamm on tv again!  
HBO ran that 2005 film “Dare To Dream” about Mia and the American women’s soccer team she led to great victories.
I gotta say this...I think almost every guy back in the mid-80’s had a crush on Mia...just like me.  What a FACE and what a player.  Wow.  It was good to get a refresher on Mia...and she still looks pretty good!

Our viewers have been slowly returning after the awful “down time” because of the lightning hit here. Even my “tweets” dropped by half....so...
...if you have friends who dropped off during the month...please tell em I’m back....and posting like mad again.
On my three favorite gals...nothing to report.  I have missed the girl “Christy” who has no email and possibly no cell phone...but co-workers say she’s still around.  And of course the Margate, Fl police officer who looks like Meg Ryan is still in hiding from me...so no pic to show you...and..the identical twin of Kate Middleton has not appeared at my Publix either. 
It’s frustrating...but one of these days something from one of them will break...(I hope).


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