Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some good deeds......



     In New Orleans in 1973 after a tragic fire in a gay bar that killed 30 people...Stan (happily married at the time) went on his show the next night on WGSO and started a money raising campaign for the victims. Leaders of the New Orleans gay community will be forever thankful to Stan for that unselfish act...more so for the effort than the $ raised which was good.

     In Miami...Stan started a campaign  on behalf of Afghan refugees trapped on the Pakistani border following the Soviet invasion of their country.  Stan received a hand written letter of thanks signed by all the Afghan tribal chiefs....including a gold medallion. This was long before “Charlie Wilson’s War” began.

     In Philadelphia...on WWDB(FM) Stan took further action against the Russians by successfully campaiging to get Russian vodka OFF the shelves of all the Pennsylvanian State liquor stores.  He received a commendation from the Pennsylvania State Senate for those efforts.


     Also in Philly...after a Vietnam vet in California killed himself by crashing his car into a building at the LA Veterans Hospital...Stan told his audience he was going to remain in the WWDB studios for a week...and appear on each and every talk program during that time to help raise awareness of the plight of Vietnam Veterans.  Stan had covered that war for NBC News and made three press trips there in the late sixties.  For this he received a commendation from the Philadelphia City Council. He also hosted a huge gathering of Vietnam Vets in Philadelpha center city.

just some things I’m proud of......


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