Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Marge von Nuremberg

    ....German girls are GREAT!
    Funny though...all the time I was at AFN Frankfurt I never got involved.
    When they switched me to AFN Nurenberg though...things happened quickly.
    I was all alone in the station most evenings...handling just station breaks as most of the programs came from AFN Frankfurt.
    The station was located on a high floor of a very nice hotel in downtown Nurenberg.
    As I strolled into the lobby for my shift one evening...a young lady...attractive brunette of course, approached me and asked if I was going to the AFN studios.
    I said yes and she told me she listened to us all the time and wondered if she could see the studios.
    I invited her to accompany me and off we went into the elevator.  The guy running things was impressed...but his shift ended and he disappeared.
I showed her around..her name was Margie and she sat in the control room to watch me work.
    It wasn’t long before we were getting very friendly...and you can imagine what developed.  In fact at one point I totally missed a station break...and could have gotten into big trouble over that.
    Margie and I got together nearly every day for the proceeding months until I was switched back to AFN Frankfurt.
    She and her younger sister Heidi enjoyed educating me in the way of Germans...including one Christmas when as usual for them...they had real candles on the tree. That made me nervous.  I’m glad we didn’t adopt that in the states.
    Heidi decided she wanted to lose her virginity...and chose me as the “teacher”.  Her older sister agreed and things were set for one evening but Heidi chickened out. 
    I’ve noticed one or two regular viewers of this blog are from Germany and it wouldn’t surprise me if one was Margie.
    So if that's you Marge...
Wei gehts!

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