Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nutty pilots...what's one to do? & send the old folks here!

        Now...the sad news.
    ....There’s not much one can do to stop a pilot from doing what he did over the French Alps.
You’re going to hear a bunch of “experts” on tv with what they think are the answers.  They exhausted all the theories for days on something going wrong with the plane...but now they can all return again along with a bunch of “shrinks” who will satisfy the tv audience.
    Here in the US rules state TWO pilots in the cockpit at all times.  There’s no such rule in Europe.
Rest assurd there will be!
    So just relax and if you are flying anytime soon....good luck. I hope their won’t be any copy cats on this...won’t be an unhappy pilot or even flight attendant who would crash plane with you in it.
    Don’t they have those Federal Marshals on the planes over in Europe? 
    They will soon!

      ...What to do with the old folks? 
    I’ve got it...send em to Orlando!
    No not Disney World... but to the Villages...the fastest growing city in the US the past two years.
    It beats Myrtle Beach...two places in Texas and one of my favorite towns..beautiful St. George, Utah!  The village is growing fast than any of em.
Here’s the story

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