Saturday, March 21, 2015

I hate flag dropping officials...but love Jason Bourne!

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Matt Damon
    ....There are two things that really bug the hell out of me...and they are quite different.

1. OVER ACTION movies...flicks that have more action than plot (or no plot at all). 
That’s what made Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne so car crashes every minute...and the director(s) made sure that if there was fitted the plot...not the other way around.  Bourne could handle seemed...and he didn’t need big guns going off or excessive chases on highways because he had “controlled anger” at what his fate was...and he set about trying to correct that in ways that built the tension without all the extra stuff.  One hopes that Damon will return to that character in the future...but he won’t do it without a  damn good plot.

2. Officials tossing flags at football games like they were going out of style.
Tonight’s FSU-Norte Dame game is one of the worst officiated in recent history.  If they threw one flag they threw what seem to be 50....almost every other play got a flag.  Stupid!
Surely the NCAA has a way to stop this nonsense and let the players play the game.
It’s also getting out of hand(but not like tonight) at NFL games but at least...on defense...a guy really does interfere with a receiver...not like tonight when on one play the defensive guy didn’t even seem to touch the receiver and yet...there’s that ugly yellow flag stopping play again for no real reason. They have an official in charge on the field and if he think the call is wrong he needs to take action.  I saw just loads of flags...and no effort to determine with all the officials if the call was correct.  In baseball there’s a lot of communicating between officials on questionable calls...but seems in college football.  I think some of the guys in striped shirts want more tv coverage for themselves than a good hard fought game.
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