Monday, March 9, 2015

You deserve a REAL break today!

Hemlock Inn breakfast
Time to get away!                                                                                           repost

What with the crummy weather and continued crummy news...the place to be for a few days or a in the North Carolina Mountains and it’s called the HEMLOCK INN .  Don’t let the name fool a great place.
It is located near Bryson City, North Carolina...and you can sit on the long front porch in one of the old fashioned rocking chairs and look out over the vast expansions of the mountains. Or just watch the lighting bugs lite up at dusk...and be sure to have an empty bottle for the kids so they can collect em.  That fun will keep them off their cell phones for a while.
The back yard of the Hemlock Inn is the Rocky Mountain National Park!  You can almost walk into the park from where you’re staying.
Now...about the food.  I hasten to say you haven’t lived a proper life without a few meals at the Hemlock.  It’s’s old fashioned...they even begin dinner with a short blessing...and how old fashioned is that!
The food is placed on lazy susan's (haven’t heard that name for awhile, right) and it comes in huge quantities...plenty for everyone.
(See the breakfast pic above and click the link below)
Save room (if you can) for the fantastic desserts served in the same scrumptious portions as the main dishes.
Trust me...a few days a the Hemlock Inn will recharge your batteries like nothing else.
Be sure to take a horseback ride in the park....and or some of the great trails.  Look out for bears!
Enjoy’re welcome!
Tell em Stan Major...the radio guy sent you.  They’ll say “who?’.  That’s okay...I haven’t been  there for years.

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